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The distinct aroma of petroleum jelly spilled in the air.
Sergey carefully smeared Zhenya’s anus, and then inserted the tip of the tube into it and squeezed it in his fist.
Zhenya gasped as he felt warm Vaseline rush into his anus.
The sensations were very unusual, but pleasant.
Having squeezed Zhenya in the ass about half the tube, Sergey took care of himself: he thickly smeared all his unbearablely protruding penis with Vaseline, and smeared the remnants of the boy on the buttocks, from which they were even more seductively gleaming.
– Well, let’s try? Do not worry, I’ll be careful.
If suddenly it hurts, do not be shy, just say it! Zhenya nodded in agreement, but then suddenly shrank again: – Wait, what if someone comes, while you will be me.
– Do not worry, I locked the door.
And if someone knocks, freeze and we will lie quietly, like mice, and we will not open it to anyone.
Zhenya calmed down and again buried his face in bed.
Sergey again leaned on him, impatiently jostling with a member, gropingly found his head a slippery hole and began to enter.
This time everything turned out almost immediately: Zhenya’s eyes widened again, feeling how everything in the pope had opened wide and something thick and sluggish began to ruthlessly rush into his priests.
The next moment, he experienced such a deep, incredible power of pleasure that, unable to restrain himself, loudly, he groaned in his voice.
Sergey immediately stopped the introduction and asked with fright: – Does it hurt you? – Nooo.
– moaning Eugene, continuing to diligently stretch the buttocks.
– Nicely? – With joy asked Sergey.
– Yes!!! the boy almost cried out.
– You can let go of the ass, I’m already in you! Zhenya

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let go of his sore hands and felt his buttocks come together again, but not completely: they were hampered by some incredibly thick, pulsating stick that tightly blocked his anus.

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The sensations from this stick were very sharp, a little bit like a lot, but somewhere in the depths where this stick still did not reach, some kind of aching, unbearably pleasant warmth began to spread.
Sobbing with happiness, Sergei lay down on Zhenya with his whole body, hugged his thin shoulders, wrapped his legs in his graceful, like a girl’s, long legs.
Sergey began to rhythmically cuddle up to the boy.
Zhenya felt his penis gradually moving in him, each time sinking deeper, and from these movements he began to shower hot, friable waves of unusually sweet pleasure.
Zhenya groaned again, clutching his hands in bed, his fingers randomly crumpling his clothes, but Sergey did not stop to fuck him all the more and more deeply.
He did not increase the tempo of intercourse, piercing the boy’s ass all the same slowly, but now he did it much stronger: his penis, with a double force, went to the limit in malleable boyish flesh, briefly lingered at the very bottom, pulsing the heartbeat of heartbeat, and then slowly moved back, popping up almost completely.
Zhenya with all his intestine, stretched to the limit, like a stocking, felt the member of Sergey, constantly scurrying about him, and he was overwhelmed with delight, stunned and insatiable sensuality.
It was especially good for him because of the very obscene thought that his really EABUT !.
From this I wanted to moan, scream in ecstasy, even sing! His fuck! How it turns out to be wonderful! And Zhenya moaned.
With each push of the member piercing him, a half-tone, half-creaking ecstasy burst from his chest.
Zhenya bent her legs spread to the sides in his knees and pushed his feet away from the bed, bumping her ass with all his strength in order to feed her even more strongly under the dick piercing her.
Sergey also enjoyed it from the heart.
Gently kissing the neck and back of the boy who had sprawled under him, he hugged him with one hand on his shoulder, while the other held onto his buttock, voluptuously feeling it and slightly pulling it aside during each friction.
Suddenly, Sergei slowed down the rate of copulation, and then he stopped altogether.
He was lying on his wife, puffing up and feeling his heart beating violently, driving blood through his body.
The member pulsed itself tightly squeezed in a boyish ass, deeply inserted, as if protesting against such an unexpected stop.
– What happened? – Eugene asked with surprise.
– Uncle Seryozha, I really didn’t hurt at all, not a bit! Hd sex movies online free.

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