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Judging by Jennin’s serious face, she really decided to take me to the manger.
– What are you looking at me like that? – Jenny grinned. – I’m not joking.
You will go to the manger tomorrow.
– Even if wakes up dry? – smiled Sue.
“I strongly doubt this,” said Jenny derisively, “He will have to wear diapers for a long time.”
“Today they left us with a 15-year-old girl who unceremoniously treated me, as I was nursery,” I thought resentfully, “Will you have to spend the next day in real nurseries?” My indignation knew no bounds.
“Oh, no!” I decided, “I must try to wake up dry.
It’s time to finish with diapers. ”
The threat of the nursery was so terrible that I really managed to wake up dry the next morning – probably because I, having overcome the shyness, obediently wrote to the pot slipped by my aunt: first at bedtime and then at midnight after that when Jenny woke me up, I unceremoniously inquired if I wanted in a small way. Free video sex hidden cam.

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