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Eowyn asked: Why are these chains? Unclear.
No one answered her, all three of them were immersed in their thoughts.
Then Galadriel first noticed that the orcs were lowering their sperm into the pit and that little bit was rising.
Galadriel told the others: They seem to want to drown us in it.
Arwen thought a little and said, “No, mother didn’t like it.” They need something different here.

Soon the sperm rose to five centimeters and Galadriel, feeling the hot sperm touching her crotch, she felt the sweet weary emanating from her crotch and fidgeted, trying to reach out and masturbate.
Soon, Eowyn and Arwen felt the same as Galadriel, however, nobody’s hands could reach their holes and they had to fidget, making fruitless attempts.
An hour later, the sperm got Galadriel already on the chest.
The orcs continued to masturbate retreating, however, new ones came instead.
Above the sperm was a thin layer of discharge of 3 girls, those who were exhausted simply tried not to get excited, which was not very good.

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Soon the sperm reached everyone up to the chin and all three, had to drink it in small sips, so as not to drown.
Suddenly, there was a rattle above and something fell into this pool of sperm.
Arwen suddenly felt a touch to her leg and higher and higher until “it” got to her pussy.
Suddenly her something hit the clitoris.
Arwen tried to jump up and scream: AAAAaaaaaa.
After a few seconds, she struck again.
Arwen screamed, and the unknown thing continued to beat her with a current.
Eowyn felt like to her anal ring, something died and sharply pressed.
A huge object slipped to a short length to its depth.
Eowyn yelled.
This huge thing kept moving inside her gut.
Eowyn rushed into hysterics.
Galadriel already felt that there was something alive in this pool after her daughter and Eowyn screamed that she realized that something would suit her now too.
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