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Taking out a member, Sergei raised it and, turning, pushed on the bed, face down.
Kneeling and not raising her head, she herself meekly took off her skirt, then lace panties and slipped them under her pubis, and when he put one foot on the bed next to her waist and brought her flesh closer to her, hand sent him to his bosom.
Sergey began to force his piston with force.
Turning her face towards me, the woman bit her lip, frantically clutching the sheet.
I do not think that she was hurt or very pleased, rather, she played along with her partner.
At that moment I felt a little sorry for her.
Her face without glasses looked innocently helpless and reminded me of my mother, who also wears glasses and, removing them even at school, loses all severity and maturity.
Grabbing her around the waist, he pulled the woman’s body off the bed and, without taking out the penis, fell on the bed, dragging her along.
Once on top, she rested her hands on the man’s knees and at first froze in this pose, listening to her body, she began to move in translation and rotation with her pelvis, while massaging her clitoris with her fingers.
The bed stood in a convenient place for the review, and the whole act was clearly visible.
It was obvious from the face of the woman that now the moment of revelation with her body is coming for her.
Heavy breasts dangled to the beat of her movements.
Leaning forward,

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she touched the nipples of her partner’s legs, and then strongly threw the body back with one hand, holding the male organ in her body.
At that moment, Lucy crept softly to me and pressed on the door.
The door opened silently and I no longer needed a hole to spy.
Contrary to my horror, nothing terrible happened.
Natasha looked at us as an empty place, with her helpless eyes without stopping her occupation.

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Lucy put her hand between my legs and whispered to join them, but I was greatly embarrassed by her touch on my panties that were wet by that time.
I silently jumped into the bathroom.
I haven’t yet experienced such excitement and having finished without removing my panties with my hand, I sat down on the toilet thinking about the situation that had been created.
A few minutes later they knocked on the door and Lucy said that Sergey was urgently called to work and they needed to be washed.
I wanted to go out, but, entering the door, Sergey naked behind me pushed me to the toilet and, unable to restrain myself, I sat on the lid.
Natasha quickly climbed into the bath and turned on the shower.
I tried to leave again, but Lucy stood in the doorway.
Sergey, putting his foot on the other side of the bath, substituting his groin to a squatting woman’s face, who silently began to wash his household, and for the first time I saw a heated, covered with dark hair, an adult male’s ass a few centimeters from my face and heard the smell of heated sex tel.
I involuntarily noted the relief of the muscles of his thighs and buttocks.
Natasha’s hand slid along his crotch, washing her heated body, but not soothed by sex.
I even remember the dark spot of an anus of an adult male, which I saw for the first time and a dangling wrinkled bag of the scrotum.
At that time, he explained to me in a command voice how to write a statement refusing to open a criminal case.
Then, knocking Natasha on the nose with a hanging member, he went to get dressed, and then, almost to the touch, she also got out, after rinsing her mouth and washing her crotch.
I was again called into the room and, continuing to dress, the cop was finishing his briefing.
Lucy admired the linen, which Natasha picked up to put on, and the woman handed it to her with the condition if Sergey took her to the house itself.
Wearing a skirt and sweater over her naked body, she jumped out of the door with Sergey when she heard the signal of a car pulling up.
Having closed the door behind them, Lucy dragged me into the room and pulled out two packs of new money from under the mattress.
After drinking another glass, we undressed naked and, throwing money on the carpet, began to dance striptease and try on the donated linen, and when I was lying on the floor, face down, she sat on my ass with hot crotch pressed to her.
She was a big tall blonde with a wide pelvis, and my girl’s ass tightly fit between her legs. Camtube sex.

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