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Nikolai watched her with interest.
Sveta reached for the salad, and in the robe section he saw the chest grasped by the cups of a lace white bra.
Catching his gaze, she smiled again, saying: – Pour some more, get involved in business, and eat more, or you eat me with your eyes.
Recognizing himself, Nicholas poured vodka, and suggested: – Let’s move on to “you”, otherwise we sit and drink together, and we will decorate everything to each other.
– With pleasure – Svetlana raised her stack.
Snacking, Nikolai looked at Svetlana and was surprised at how graceful her movements were.
Where did that inaccessibility, awkwardness, strict and at the same time missing look go?
All of it radiated accessibility and benevolence.
Vodka has already done its job – face a little flushed, and his eyes sparkled with a wet sheen.
She looked at him: – I do not understand anything in this film, put something else from the beginning.
– And what do you want? – asked Nikolay.
– Porn some, there even to delve into the content is not necessary, just turn off the sound and put the music.
Nikolai himself did not like the mournful monotonous moans and sobs that accompany the actions in such films.
He quickly stuck a new cassette, muffled the sound and turned on one of those radio stations on the radio tape recorder that drove music for days.
Nikolay’s heart gradually moved to the throat area and there was a dull thumping there, not allowing it to relax.
Svetlana leaned forward slightly, which made her hips almost completely bare, her mouth slightly opened, and her hands lying on the armrests of the chair tensed.
Nikolai poured another batch of vodka.
– Sveta! Can you get distracted for a minute? She shook off her stupor, looked at him, then at the outstretched vodka, slightly pulled the robe down and picked up the pile.

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– What music is good.
Let’s drink and then dance? They, having emptied the stacks once again, rose.
Nikolai, clasping Svetlana by the waist, led her to the middle of the room.
She turned, put her hands on his shoulders, and they slowly floated to the sound of the speakers.
Nikolay felt through the thin silk of her dressing gown her firm and elastic chest, thin waist, and felt how Svetlana was trembling slightly.
His hand dropped a little lower, and he felt the beginning of her panties.
She did not make any attempts to free herself, only her hands lying on Nikolai’s shoulders tensed and embraced him by the neck.
With his other hand, he slowly ran down her back, which caused a convulsive sigh, and the trembling of her body began to feel stronger.
Svetlana pressed her belly to him and, throwing back her head, whispered: – How good … The music ended, and they stood, unable to tear themselves away from each other.
Then they sat silently, each in his own place.
– I completely lost my head – said Svetlana.
Nikolai, who had already taken himself in hand, smiled, said: “Everything is as it should be.”
The next dance is also ours.
And now let’s have a smoke.
By the way, do you smoke? “Sometimes,” she replied.
Nikolai smoked cigarettes, but in the

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bar he had for a long time had an open pack of Marlboro, and now he took it out and brought an ashtray.
They lit up.
“I’m already drunk …” said Svetlana, puffing on the smoke: “I’m doing a lot of stupid things now.”
– Klin wedge knock out – answered Nicholas, pouring vodka in piles.
He had difficulty breathing, but he tried hard not to show it to her.
Having drunk, they deeply dragged on and looked at each other — slow, gentle music began to play and they stood up without saying a word.
Throwing his cigarette in an ashtray, Nikolai carefully hugged Svetlana for her delicious ass, slightly lifting her short robe up, and with her other hand took her slightly lower than her chest.
Breathing heavily, she closed her eyes and hugged him.
He raised his left hand and felt her sharp chest.
Svetlana had no choice but to hug Nicholas with his right hand for his torso.
He felt his cock stand up, and it was not very comfortable, since the fabric of his sports trousers was thin and his dance partner immediately felt it.
But there was nowhere to retreat, and they slowly spun in the dance.
Against his desire, Nikolay began, with ecstasy, slowly to caress Svetlana’s enticing ass, and with her other hand her firm and at the same time supple chest. Camera with sex.

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