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He admitted that so far not even one girl had a bare ass and crotch he didn’t really see.
Valya, in turn, said that she had an older brother, who also had never shown her “pisun” to her.
Because she enjoyed watching Dima pissing in the pot, and did not mind when he watched her doing the same.
So little by little it was evening, the children had dinner, the nurse again measured the temperature in the pope, made the necessary injections.
Baba Dusya took out the pots with urine, not hiding her displeasure with the fact that none of the children during the day had not popped.

“Vika, quickly sit down on the pot and push! And you, Dima, too! If you do not poop, then you can’t avoid an enema!”, She ordered.
“I probably won’t be able to do it myself,” Vika answered wholeheartedly, “put a candle for me, then I can show off.”
And if you want, do an enema right away, I will not mind and resist! ”
“It is commendable that you are so obedient,” answered the nurse, “but still we can start with a candle.
Take your pants off!”.

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Vicka obediently let her pajamas and pants down to her knees, lay down on the bed, turned on her left side, pressed her legs to her stomach and pulled her buttock with her right hand.
The nurse immediately put a glycerin candle in her anus, then told the girl to straighten her legs, turn on her back and began to massage Vicki’s stomach in a clockwise direction.
“I really would like you to poke yourself,” Baba Dusya said, “it’s too painful to torture such an obedient girl as you do with an enema.”
“Come on, what kind of torments are there,” Vick waved her hand.
“No, well, it’s all the same, it’s better to crap yourself,” insisted the nurse.
(The nurses in the hospital are not only injections and enemas, but also loose sex if you know the approach! – approx.
Brunette models nude.

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