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You just showed us all what a dirty slut you are, and now you’re also my slut, you understand? What I want with you and do it – so agreed! You yourself offered! And now you break? I want this one to be! – Yulia has already quit pretending and the anger literally tore her apart and maybe Sasha has something else and wanted to answer, but she interrupted her:
– Who?!, – Sasha changed her face for a second, but then she smiled again, though not so naturally, – Ok, but I have a condition – this party will continue after I do it! – Julia was completely sure that all this is a lie, fucking and provocation: – If you do of course.
Then I guarantee that we are playing further! – Julia cooled down a bit, anticipating her triumph.
– Well then let’s go, – Sasha threw, – only you will speak! Julia, thinking a little, pulled Sasha by the hand and they went to the playground where the boys were frolicking.
Oksana and Zhenya went after them but at a short distance, they were in a state of slight shock and all the while whispered.
The boy on closer examination turned out to be even smaller.
He was half a head lower than Sasha, thin, very agile, and someone shouted something.

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When he noticed that the adults (from his point of view) girls go straight to him, he stopped bewildered.
Sasha decided to play along to the situation and put her hands behind her back and folded, bending her elbows, as slaves in porn movies do.
Julia kept Sasha by the waist.
– Hear, small, come here.
, let’s get away, – Julia began her conversation confidently.
– And what is necessary actually.
– the guy was obviously taken aback, not every day such cool girls come up to you and talk to you.
Every day he dreamed of just that, but when it was happening now, he absolutely did not know how to behave.
He stepped to the side, leaving friends behind.
He was embarrassed by the wild and cunning glance of the one that stood and held her hands behind her back.
Maybe this is some kind of divorce ?.
– What is your name ?, – Julia slowed down her tone, glancing around.
– Oleg

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, – the boy answered purely on the machine.
– See this girl, she is my whore !.
, – Yulia lost some confidence, – She wants to suck you off, is it true, Sasha? – True.
I want! ”Sasha obviously said in her childish voice, winking at the boy who stood numb, not knowing what to do.
He was shivering in his leg – he certainly read on the Internet that the girls are different and sick in the head as well.
But I also knew that miracles happen and sometimes people get lucky, but just how to understand where the truth is ?.
– In short, small, do not you drive a demon, do you want to slap this nipple in your mouth or not? – Julia was already beginning to enrage this whole undertaking. Bongo 888 sex live 201.

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