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At that time I traveled a lot on business trips.
This time I had to go together with my colleague F to one Ukrainian city.
The business trip did not foretell any particular difficulties, and I decided to take Lena with me.
We settled in a new hotel not far from the factory, to which we arrived.
In the afternoon, with my colleague, we worked at the plant, carrying out the task set before us, and in the evening we walked three of us, and then went to visit each other.
One evening we were at F in a guest room.
At first we drank, then began to watch something on TV.
Unlike my colleague, I drank a little, but he drank more than enough.
Lena could not drink at all.
For her, only one glass of vodka was enough to first have a good time for a good twenty minutes, and then fall asleep in a dead sleep.

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Which she did after drinking two glasses.
I was sitting on the couch, and Lena was sleeping, putting my head on my knees, facing me and with my back to F, who was sitting on a chair in the opposite corner of the room.
Lena was wearing a skirt “reptile” of some smooth material “under silk.”
I put my hand on my wife’s hip, but since the material of the skirt was slippery, and the silk panties under the skirt were equally slippery, my hand slipped around Lena’s waist, dragging the skirt behind me and baring my wife’s hips above the knees.
And then I realized that the situation turns me on.
I was damn nice to see that a stranger with a lust looking at the slightly exposed charms of his wife.
I paused for a short pause, and then, with trembling fingers, slightly pulled Lena’s skirt to the waist, exposing her hips even more.

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In this case, my cock was ready to jump out of jeans.
Member F, by the way, also responded no less violently.
F was in sports pants that could not hide the impressive size of the hill.
Slowly, slowly, centimeter by centimeter, I continued to lift Lena’s skirt, more and more exposing her hips and not only her hips.
At the same time, I pretended to watch TV, occasionally glancing toward F.
After a while, I could even see my wife’s exposed panties from my place.
F from his seat without any doubt could completely overlook Lena’s ass, covered with silk panties.
I squinted at F as I studied his reaction.
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