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And now he hid his erection from others until they were gone.
The physical education teacher gazed at me wildly, the last students had already finished their conversations and left, as something jerked me and I began to erotically hold my tongue over my upper lip, I stood again like a fog, my cock went off scale and ached with excitement.
I realized that I wanted to take a big dick of a physical education teacher in my mouth and suck it.
I forgot about everything that I have a girlfriend, that I’m a guy, I just wanted to feel that crazy feeling again when you give up.
When the last student left, the teacher approached me, shaking from expectation to a sweet and pretty, feminine boy of 18 years old.
He came up, eagerly grabbed my buttocks and dug into my lips.
I gave myself to him completely and hung in his arms.
His hot lips and tongue completely seized my mouth, and I only frantically twitched and moaned on his hands.
Give up so sweetly.
I was ready for anything, my head was hot and sweet fog.
He pulled away from my lips and ordered me to go and close the locker room door to the lock. Super model lesbian sex.

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