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Veronica laughed, hugged Natasha by the shoulders, kissed her on the tan nose and said: – Well, let’s go, let’s go faster! The dressing room was very warm and smelled of fresh pine needles.
While Veronika Sergeyevna turned on steam in the steam room, Natasha threw off all her clothes and remained only in snow-white panties.
– Do not you undress, Natasha? Quickly take off your panties and in the steam room – warm up! – smiling, said Veronica.
– Veronika Sergeyevna, the girls and I always bathe in shorts, and then the boys in the hole for ventilation peep.
– Natasha confidentially told Veronika, but the manager again only laughed: – Do not be afraid, do not be afraid! Now everyone is asleep, and there is no one to spy.
Although this is a disgrace, of course! Be sure to figure it out and find out who this boys like so much our cute girls! And it is inconvenient and wrong to swim in shorts, I will come to the girls myself and explain everything next Wednesday.
Well, take off your clothes, Natasha, otherwise it is not interesting to swim in the end! Natasha somewhat embarrassedly began to pull light panties from her thighs.
Still dressed, Veronika Sergeevna looked at the exposed girl with interest.

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Natasha felt a little uncomfortable, being completely naked in front of Veronika Sergeyevna, and the girl instinctively covered her palms with a small plump pubis, covered with soft dark fuzz.
But Veronica gently warmly smiled and carefully spread the hands of Natasha in different directions.
– You’re just lovely, Natasha! If I didn’t know that you were only eleven, I would give you all fourteen years.
You are very beautiful! – and Veronica Sergeyevna began to undress herself.
She undressed somehow unusually, and Natasha loved to look at her.
The girl was sitting, waiting for her beloved teacher to undress, and she could not tear her eyes away from her beautiful naked body.
Veronica, as if staying in unintentional reverie, stood half-turned and did not hurry at all.
In smooth movements, she slowly took off her dress.
Natasha did not every day see the beautiful body of her teacher in some white trimmed panties and bra.
Wandering her eyes over her tanned, slim legs, over the soft reliefs of her tummy, over bare breasts in her bra, she caught herself in a very childish desire to open her mouth.
And Veronika sat on the edge of the bench and, spreading her left breast on her knee, slowly began to unbuckle the clasps on her sandals.
From this slowness Natasha felt some kind of warm excitement, and suddenly she thought that she loved Veronica Sergeyevna with each passing minute more and more.
And when Veronica turned around with a smile to Natasha’s mouth, which opened her mouth, and two elastic white balls jumped out of her unbuttoned bra, Natasha could not hold her hands and squeezed a little bit in the palms of a smiling Veronica.

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– Natasha, you are a miracle! – said Veronica and kissed both her hands in the bend of the elbows. Showing boobs on cam.

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