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Here I already refused composure and I just walked over to her in tight to stand next.
Approaching me, with a gesture already familiar to her, I put my left hand on the back of my ass, sticking out in such a pose, and drew along her hot ass, taking my turning fingers slightly lower, closer to the crotch.
She was literally burning there! And then I heard her whisper “Well, hello, my dear.
She seemed to be talking with a suitcase.
And the next moment, she straightened up, lifting the suitcase, put it on wheels immediately, slightly stooping, awarding me another touch of her ass with my hand, pulled the retractable handle out of the suitcase wall, pulled it out and rolled it back to the chair, where it was waiting the man.
“That’s the meeting!” I reflected, looking for my suitcases in the crowd.
“Not only is a lover such a mature man, so also.
Oh shit! After all, I have never, touching it, felt a rubber band, or edge, or lace, or any other hint of panties.
She also puts bicycles on her naked body.
Yes, and frottersky contact is so cute.
Amazing girl!”.
Yes, the meeting was really amazing.
Already in my thoughts I said goodbye to her, wishing to be always as happy, crazy, playful and mega-sexual.
Here is my suitcase.
Snatching it from the tape, I, repeating her gestures, of course not so elegant and elegant, of course, took a pen out of my suitcase and rolled it towards the exit.
And rested in the familiar ass.
They just together, under the handle, walked to the exit and I calmly settled them in the tail, continuing to devour the eyes of her ass, describing a stunning “eight” while walking.
The glass doors opened wide, letting us out into the waiting room of the air terminal, where many people were crowded.

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Suddenly, the girl threw her hand up and shouted “Mom!” and at the same moment I saw in the crowd meeting a face than something very similar to the face of a girl, but only with age to match her lover, rather.
The woman broke into a smile, spread her arms for hugging, where the girl found herself the next second.
Slightly adding speed, I approached the knim close enough to the moment when the man just hugged the woman too and said, “Hello, dear! Have you been waiting for a long time?”.
I did not hear the answer, because the girl’s next phrase drowned him out: “And my dad and I barely waited for my suitcase!” “FOLDER!?! Fuck the plot !!!” flashed through my head and I stopped not far away, rooted to the spot.
But the whole family, already hugging, moved to the exit from the terminal building to the parking lot and I again followed it.
A woman walked ahead, carrying a girl’s suitcase by the handle.
Behind her, a girl with a man were hugging her.
Ok, now it was clear – with his father.
I looked dumbfounded at her ass, so inviting when walking, and was not even surprised this time when his hand slipped from her belt where she was before, and at first she simply ran her hand up and down her ass and then covered one buttock. his fingers disappeared between her buttocks for a moment with the whole palm.
Everything! My brain was ready to explode at that moment.
I looked up at her face.
which she turned suddenly back and openly and playfully smiling looked me in the eye.
It was only then that I realized that, while looking for my suitcase, I raised my glasses, which had previously hidden my eyes from her, on my forehead and now she definitely had no doubt that I had seen everything.
Luda, my girlfriend in school, has always been choosy in choosing partners.
Even being familiar for a long time and showing interest to me, she allowed me to reach her body only towards the end of our studies.
Our relationship lasted only a month, but the terms of distribution scattered us around the country.
After five years, the case brought us together again.
Luda has become a rather interesting woman, bright and unforgettable.
Fiery red hair, face with perfectly applied makeup, narrow waist, wide hips and round ass.
In general, the girl has acquired the charm of a real woman.
We immediately went to the nearest cafe and spent the evening telling each other about our life and mutual friends.
Needless to say, our evening ended in bed.
I must say that growing up has affected the human bedding possibilities. Sex youtube online.

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