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I almost choked! – Valya coughed, removing the sperm from her face.
– Sorry, honey.
I did not want to, honestly! It turned out somehow, – Valery apologized, helping to wipe the face of a woman.
And then he brought a glass of water from the hall.
But Valentine already ran into the bathroom, wash.
Coming out of the bathroom already in a short nightie, which did not hide her delicious ass, she went to Valery and hugged him and kissed him.
– Thanks for all.
But next time, be careful.
I liked how you had me in your mouth, but I could have suffocated! – asked Valentine.
– Okay, go to the shower and sleep.
And it is already one in the morning, and we are at work tomorrow.
Valery took a shower, washed off the traces of sweat, sperm and lubricant, and as he was naked, lay down next to Valentina.
– Did you like it with me? – Valentine asked.
– Highly! – Valery replied, hugging and kissing her lips, squeezing her crotch with his hand.
“No shawls, otherwise I’ll start again and I’ll not rest until I’ve finished.”
– warned Valya.
– It is better to wake me up with your tongue in the morning, but rather a member.
Sex in the morning is the best charge for the whole day.
– advised Valya and kissed Volnova turned over on its side.
– Goodnight honey.
– Good night, my sweet.
In the morning, Valentina got up nevertheless before Volnova and after feeding him with breakfast she sent me to the service, and she herself began to gather.
– If you want to continue, write SMS.
And we will arrange everything, – Valentine suggested smiling, Valeria and kissed shut the door behind him.
A week later.
– Valery, allow? – knocking on the door of the chief, went into the office of Lieutenant Volnova, Valentina.
– Yes Yes.
Come in, Velentina Ivanovna, ”answered Volnov, looking intently at something in the monitor.
– I’m on duty today.
Cooked dinner for two.
Join in the evening? – Valentina asked.

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– We’ll see.
While busy.
The chief asked to hand in all the reports by Monday.
I do not want to sit on the weekend.
So I think I’ll be late for eight o’clock.
– not looking up from the screen, asked Valery.
– As you wish.
“I’ll be waiting for you,” Valentina replied fondly of Valeria.
– Allow me to go? – Yes Yes.
I will find you, – Volnov replied thoughtfully as well.
Valentine was somewhat offended that the lieutenant did not even look at her.
And indeed, in a week, after their first night, he didn’t show his affection for her either.
Everything was also formal and cold, giving orders and demanding reports

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She hoped that something would change in their relationship, but in vain.
Valentina left the office and went to the duty room.
A call arrived and she went to the application.
Returning from a call, she met her old and close friend, with whom she shared many things and knew almost everything about her.
– Oh, Valentine, hello! Are you on duty? – hugging Valya, asked Irina, a painted blonde of about fifty.
– Yes, Irishka, on duty.
– Vlaentina otvteila and hugging a kiss on her cheek.
– How are you? A week you have not seen.
How Vova, children? – It’s ok.
Vovka, the cable again spree.
The children went to Thailand to rest.
– Irina answered hopelessly.
– Well, at least you’d run.
And then I’m all alone.
Would chat.
After all, we live in the same staircase.
By the way, I saw your lieutenant a week ago.
near our house.
Did he find someone here? “Yes, no, I don’t know,” Valentina replied, a little distractedly, feeling that her heart would now jump out of her big breast.
The paint gradually flooded her face.
– And he is nothing like that.
Fit, tall, handsome, – stated Irina.
“Yes, he is ordinary,” Valentina replied, trying to hide her embarrassment and calm the trembling in her knees.
– Ok, I ran.
You call, maybe at the weekend look.
There are no girls.
I’m alone too.
– Valentine offered and smacking her friend on the cheek went to the duty room.
Volnov reached in his chair.
Stood from the table.
Walked around the office.
All reports he prepared and checked.
Sent to print.
While the printer printed more than fifty sheets, Volnov decided to go to the smoking room.
Coming out of the office, he noticed at the end of the corridor, who would give him Valentine’s greeting.
– Valentina Ivanovna, is your proposal still valid? – Valery asked.
“Yes, of course, Comrade Lieutenant,” answered Valentina.
– Just a minute.
I will only warn operational.
– asked Valentine, quickly opening the door to the duty room with a key.
– Comrade, Lieutenant Colonel, will I leave for lunch for an hour? Thank you, Vasily Ivanovich.
– thanked in a cheerful voice Valentina and ran out of the duty room. Sex spy cam tube.

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