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When the head disappeared into the virgin gap, the assistants, taking the girl by the waist and hips, suddenly jerked her down and she sat down.
A short choked cry touched my ears.
Chorus struck the song.
Unhappy rushed, but her firmly held.
Tears rolled down her face, biting her lip, she looked at Ignacy with weeping eyes with almost mad eyes.
She made a sign and quick assistants lifted the almost unfeeling girl and put her two more times.
On this torment ended.
The newly-born Christ was raised, wrapped in a robe and carried away.
I almost looked with disgust at the bloody cannon of the ceremony and turned away from the peephole.
Ignacia soon appeared with a candle in her hand: “Well, how,” she asked, looking at me searchingly.
In my opinion, this is too cruel.
What should this unhappy girl feel with such a barbaric procedure? “The same thing all girls feel for the first time,” Ignacia grinned.
“And if a man of flesh and blood made it think to her, would it be easier?” Have you ever dealt with girls yourself? – No, but.
– So do not fight, then judge. Sex live open.

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