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Here are my holes, – Valentina attracted Valeria to herself and pressed his head to her crotch! – Awww.
Lick me! Lick your mommy pussy! Oooh.
What a cool yazchok.

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– Valentina moaned holding Valeria by the hair and fidgeting under him.
Valery first gently, and then more vigorously licked, sucking the lips and the clitoris.
Several times he touched the woman’s anus with the tongue and heard a grateful rumbling.
Then, by inserting a finger into the woman’s vagina, she began to caress her from the inside, simultaneously caressing her clit with her tongue.
It took a few minutes to Valentina huddled up in convulsions of an orgasm, and squeezing Valeria’s head with her hips groaning.
Volnov realizing that the moment came when the clitoris was very sensitive and moved the tongue to the genital folds, licking the incoming moisture.
Valentina shuddered for a while, then rolled onto her side and fell silent.
Valery raised her from the back and pressed his standing member between her buttocks, hugged her big bosom.
The head of his penis rubbed against the woman’s anus and after some time she began to move her hips in his direction.
– I got ready today.
Will you try my ass? – Valentine offered.
– Right now? – Valery was surprised.
– You have not moved away from orgasm.
– Fine.
I still want to right now.
Just be careful.
On the bedside table a condom and grease.
I bought at the pharmacy.
You should have seen how the saleswoman looked at me.
Like a pervert when I asked her to give me a strawberry flavored anal lubricant.
– smiling told Valentine.
“I can imagine how you turned red,” Valery replied, pulling the condom on the penis and lubricating it from a bottle of strawberries.
– On the knees? Sideways? On horseback? – suggested Valery.
– No, I want you to take me, not the village.
I am thrilled by your power over me! Take me yourself, then I will respect you as my Master, ”Valentine said suddenly, kneeling and giving me a booty.

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– That’s how it is! – Valery did not expect such a turn.
– Yes, yes.
A man should have a woman, and not vice versa.
You can even pull my hair! It excites me! Only, please be careful! You are my first there.
I do not want to curse you and give up this kind of sex, knowing that it brings you pleasure, but I cannot give it to you.
Good? – asked Valya.
– Yes.
I will be very careful.
Only then will we prepare your ass.
Lie down sideways and lift your leg and bend at the knee.
I will take you first with your fingers and then a member.
– Come on.
As you say.
– Valentina agreed and lay on her side, lifting her bent leg.
Valery crouched behind her and, having lubricated the anus with grease, began to insert a finger.
Feeling that the finger easily passes in Valentina’s ass, he began to introduce two fingers.
Then three.
For more than ten minutes, Valery kneaded her ass, Valentina, whom she prudently smeared both inside and out, while she caressed her crack with the palm of her hand.
Then he asked to get her cancer and bend backwards.
Putting the head to the anus, he slowly pressed.
The head squeezed through the sphincter and was inside.
Valery stopped.
– How are you? – asked Volnov Valentine.
– Fine.
Not familiar only.
I want to go to the toilet.
– answered Valya.
– Well, you did an enema? – Yes, I did.
– Then touch up a little.
It is necessary that your ass opened and I could go further.
– Valery asked.
“No matter what happens,” Valentina remarked and began to push.
Anus relaxed and began to open.
At this time, Valery pressed his hips and the trunk penetrated deeper.
– Here is a good girl! Well done! Like this! One more time, – Valery praised Valentina and began again to introduce his member into her ass.
– Aaaa, Mmmm.
– moaning closing his lips Valentine.
– More, honey, come on.
A little more, – persuaded Valentine Valery.
– Well! – Volnov praised her when he pressed his testicles to her pussy lips.
– He is all about you.
– proudly said Valery, looking down on how his member leaving his pubis immediately disappeared into the anus of a woman.
– Oooh.
So cool.
It hurts only.
But tolerable.
Wait a bit, Valentina asked.
Valery began to twist his hips without pulling a member out of Valentina’s ass.
– Mmmm, class! Another would be to insert one below! I probably would have already exploded with happiness.
– Valentina complained and began to move herself, putting her anus on a man’s dick.
– Do you suggest inviting someone? – Valery was surprised.
“I didn’t think about it,” Valentina answered moaning.
– But I have a member substitute.
True, I did not buy it for the priests, – Ah. Sex channel online.

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