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Nonsense! I am barren.
When he met Nelka, he immediately admitted this to her.
And she? I agreed to marry, but with one condition that I will give birth to you.
Now you understand that that meeting in the theater was planned by her in advance.
We played the whole performance, as per notes.
So, now I ordered the road to you? Why so.
You are the future dad and have the right to meet with your child.
And with Nelka? What are you still stupid, old man! Nelka will leave the decree and return to work, and there you are the master.
I am not greedy.
I have enough of her at home.
She immediately gave me an ultimatum that if she gave birth to a boy, she would make a second call on the girl.
And you agreed? Why can’t you do it for the woman you love? – Victor clapped me on the shoulder and we began to eat.
Nellie gave birth to a boy.
When Vitka and I took her and her son from the hospital, I carefully looked at the baby.
Nellie caught my eye.
Doubt? And in vain! Your shoe
And weight – hero.
As much as four and a half pulled out.
We will do a call on the girl? – I asked, waiting for the slap.
We will, – the newly-born mom poked me in the side, and we embraced and got into the Vitka’s car.
When she went to work, everyday life began to flow again, starting with “physical exercise”, which even more prettier mother again began with the letter “G” pose.
Edward Zaitsev
“Why didn’t you go for so long?” – She asked, not looking up from the papers and signing a document.
“They didn’t call me,” I stood as a schoolboy who did not learn the lesson, shifting from one foot to the other.
– But you’re a man.
Don’t you want me not? – Raising his eyes from the paper and looking at me over his glasses, asked the boss.
– I want, very much so.

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Only here I am subordinate and come when called.
And if I take the initiative, I can run into trouble, which I don’t really want to have.
– Slave? – With a questioning look, she got up from the table.
– Well, then I have a task for you.
Tomorrow evening, at the Khutorok restaurant, I meet with our Japanese partners.
They love when their colleagues have a family.
So, the role of my husband tomorrow will play you.
Get dressed, as is proper etiquette.
Clear? – she walked around behind me.
– Clear.
On this I am free, and can I go? – Wow.
What a proud one.
Directly fire, – I heard the key in the lock of the door turning, closing it.
– You do not boil.
It is not my fault that we are bound

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by submission.
Stop it goosey.
Elena, coming up behind me, snuggled, hugging the belt.
I felt like a fool.
Turning around, I saw her eyes full of kindness.
She put her hands on my shoulders and put up her lips.
I pressed her to his waist, kissed her passionately.
She answered, parting her lips and letting my smart tongue into her mouth.
Her hands are already wrapped around my neck, and the tongue was played with mine.
She gently sucked them.
I gently took Helen in my arms, walked over to the sofa and sat on it.
Now my boss was sitting on my lap.
She put her cheeks and neck under my kisses.
Her soft and silky skin demanded a caress.
And I gave them to her.
The smell of her hair and perfume excited me.
I went deep into her hair with my face, licked her ear with the tip of my tongue, and felt goosebumps running down her body, and a slight moan of pleasure broke out.
My hands, meanwhile, were already stroking her slender legs in white stockings with lace elastics and white sandals on a long, flat heel.
I have already penetrated my hand under the short skirt of her light blue business suit and stroked my pubis through smooth silk panties.
Elena, unbuttoned her suit jacket and parted her floors.
I saw that she was not wearing a bra.
Overjoyed by this, I began to touch her breasts.
I took her nipples with my fingers, and twisted them between them, feeling how they harden.
I bent down and began to lick her breasts.
Now I took the nipples with my lips, and gently sucking at the same time, caressed them with the tip of the tongue.
Elena, greatly aroused by my caresses, stood up, taking off her jacket.
I pulled off her skirt after unzipping the zipper.
She took me by the tie and pulled me along.
Elena lay back on her huge table and spread her legs wide.
She gave me the opportunity to lick her pussy, which I began to do, first licked her smooth panties. Real sexy hidden camera.

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