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The printer printed a contract in which I had already made all the necessary changes.
Kate still has not dressed and stood naked near the mirror.
I was pleased to watch her.
It was especially pleasant to watch her wipe my sperm from her face with napkins.
Then she slowly and slowly began to correct her makeup.
Finally, she moved away from the mirror, and headed towards her clothes.
She took her panties and began to wear them.
It was a very pleasant sight.
When you finish dressing, let’s go meet your new employees.
I forced myself to tear my eyes away from her and began to look for panties.
I hired a valuable employee myself, very valuable

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With it, you can save a lot on whores, maybe I even find myself in the pros.
– Oh, it’s Katya.
Is this the one that the crowd hachik fucked? – stared at the monitor.
Yes, what the hell is the answer to my questions.
I was barely cold from watching all day yesterday on fucking at a radio station.
And the whole evening was tearing at the same time Aigulka.
And today I flew to these monitors with a huge pile of questions both to Aigul and Vitalik.
But as soon as I burst into a whirlwind into Vitalik’s fawn maiden.
As I instantly realized everything in an instant.
– Everything is in full view.
Questions turned out to be useless.

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Vitalka didn’t even answer my question – he just waved his hand and either to the floor or to the ceiling he muttered indistinctly: “So now no one from you can hide monitors from you.”
Yesterday for Lenka watched on those monitors.
Well, this one on others, so these monitors are now becoming – Katka.
And breathe – deeper.
And then from the excitement in the morning and red, and that look from the overexcitation – BURST.
I stared at the monitors in a wild thirst for sequel.
Proceedings, events with Elena, on the radio station.
But in the morning nothing special happened either there or there.
Neither the radio nor the hotel.
Yes, and we, too.
Katya just worked in her office.
The girls, and Alina and Aigulka, wished us not to bring ourselves to masturbation.
And, letting myself feel, and went to the sales area and sell electronics.
Well, flirt with men.
Yes, what is there to masturbation? Yesterday, with Vitalka spire both my Aygulka consider that all day.
With breaks at the time when Alinka fucked with her clients.
And my cock swelled.
Fuck and swelled.
And the brain, on the contrary, developed such a violent fantasy that it wedged me.
It seems that yesterday at the hotel Ashot was a sensation, because our endless trachy in on-dyne mode went to the server of Ashot.
And apparently he was broadcasting us and our fucking all night long by his “subscribers.”
But today Vitalka slowly told me how everything is organized near Ashot himself.
Already not at all embarrassed, I immediately pulled my dick out of my pants.
As, however, Vitalka was next to him too – he pulled his penis out of his pants.
Our two hui were swollen.
But again they jumped into the fighting racks.
Of course, when you look at the monitor with an exciting expectation, then the brain flaunts such a direct, once-so-grand debauchery.
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