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Oksana was offended a little – I was a fool to exhaust myself, I went to the pharmacy, took 30 laxative candles that would be enough for me for a month, every evening I would put on one and quickly lose weight, the food would not have time to digest and would not have to limit myself in nutrition and run like fools.
The girls were very offended but did not show it, but only asked interested – well, show what kind of candles, Oksana boastfully got three packs of laxative “besocadil” candles, Valya took them as if to look and the other girls pounced on Oksana to twist it, although Oksana is very strong but after a long struggle, they twisted it up, pulled off their pantyhose with panties and printed out the candles, pushed all 30 pieces one by one, put back panties with pantyhose and forced them to pedal quickly on the exercise bike. with a physical reprisal, and after a while they made her run, grabbing her by the arms and dragging her along the gymnasium, running around dragged Oksana to the treadmill and tied her hands to the handrails with scotch tape – they turned on the treadmill.
Oksana strongly sweated and quickly went over with her feet while squeezing the volumetric buttocks between themselves, through which melted candles oozed out, half of their liquid mass spread all over the intestines and half leaked between her tightly squeezed rubbing buttocks all over her ass, lush thighs and draining on the treadmill trembling with all her body, Oksana groaned protrudingly – and went limp – without holding back and releasing the hardened contents of the rectum into panties with tights strongly protruding them.

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, one noticing through the pantyhose the large breast sticking out the pantyhose said – and in fact she managed to hold out for more than an hour only by the fact that she had a strong constipation.
The girls quickly turned off the treadmill and released the scotch of one hand – they ordered Oksana to remove everything by morning, otherwise I would be very beaten.
Oksana tried to quickly release her second hand and get to the toilet, but the cascade of orgasms following her one by one immobilized her – but she needed to hurry

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, and then 30 times the dosage of laxative candles continued its dark matter.
By morning, everything was removed, Oksana, having missed a week of classes, still came to school, became more polite and tried not to be rude and less hoped for her invincibility.
As usual, I was looking for new ways to get pleasure at the expense of real female domination, which by its characteristics of sensations produces a result by two, and maybe even three orders of magnitude superior to the game.
What I just did not try, but everything new once becomes old.
This zest is needed again: pure breath of a new time, a different, broad view of things.
Then one day it dawned on me, there was only one enthusiastic phrase in my head: “Well, of course !!! MLM !! As I haven’t done before!”.
I was exhausted with joy.
MLM is a real “golden bottom” for me.
It is the submission of the will of man, the psychological dominance over him, and most importantly the desire to “fuck” the next “sucker” at any cost is the essence of MLM. Movies online sex free.

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