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But the guy closed her mouth with a kiss and began to slowly enter her.
Only weak moans were heard from her while he persistently moved in her.
Suddenly she raised herself up and turned over with him.
Now the girl was a horsewoman.
He put his hand on her clit and she screamed weakly.
Now they were moving at a frantic pace and in a few minutes they pressed themselves against each other in the last groan.
Then she remembered: – Parents! – and jumped up.
But he threw her on the bed and began to shower her with kisses.
– Stop, then! – but she was so excited that she could not help herself.
He entered her abruptly, the girl screamed.
Now he stayed a little longer, but still soon they were again lying on the bed exhausted.
Only in the bathroom did the girl remember that they needed to leave.

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Perfect time to visit Mother Nature.
To pay tribute to her for the happiness that fell to me when I met her.
We met for a long time.
Previously, entertainment was not my forte, because she took the first step.
That day the work did not work in the morning.
All attention was riveted to the hot street, in which young girls played with the boys in the line.
Having made another mistake in the calculations, I put aside all the papers, the benefit of the calendar showed 11 o’clock on Saturday, and called her.
Her morning was also filled with a variety of activities that were completed by this time.
I made an appointment for Her to spend the rest of the day, but she offered to spend it in an unusual place.
The planned cultural program continued in my apartment, which was empty at that time.

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Hot sunny day.
The clock shows already 16:23.
Friday is on the calendar.
And tomorrow is Her birthday.
The idea to hold it in an unusual situation tormented me for a long time.
But this time I thought up what gift will please Her most of all.
Several telephone calls were made, the result of which was the confidence in solving the material issue of tomorrow’s trip.
On the way home, I bought food for a picnic in nature.
She gladly received the news that instead of the stuffy city we would spend her birthday in the fresh air.
We will enjoy nature in the shade of birch trees that have grown on a semi-abandoned field.
I woke up before her and prepared everything that we might need on the upcoming trip.
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