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And there, at the waterfall, his timid kiss, which he, saving her from the river, furtively left on her lips, revealed to her her true feelings for the pirate.
From that very moment she lived only by him.
On the island they were happy.
Something will happen now, when he brought her to these beautiful chambers? Isn’t she bored, simple and modest, unaccustomed to luxury, he born in this magnificence? Anna’s heart beat fast, her eyes glittered, unsuccessfully trying to hide the rising tears.
– Darling, are you crying? – surprised Duval and kissed his wet eyes.
“No, no, honey,” she smiled, “I must have wiped my face badly.”
– Do not shirk! – he.
kissed her nose.
– Admit what the reason for your sadness! “Just like that,” Anna whispered, “me.”
you seem to me like a fairy-tale prince, ”she suddenly confessed.
– I did not think that.
Here it is so beautiful that.
I’m scared.
You know, I’m not at all used to living in such a palace.
“I’m not used to it, so you’ll get used to it,” he smiled, pressing her closer to him, “it’s just, girl.
You deserve more! I am ready to throw the whole world to your feet.
“I’m scared,” Anna said quietly, “I am afraid that I will disappoint you.”
– What are you silly, Madame Duval! Already become a mother, but still remain a little stubborn girl, you drive all sorts of nonsense into your pretty head! – grinned Serge and kissed her cheeks.
He reached for her lips, but Anna stopped him, holding her hand over his mouth.
“Wait, please,” she asked with a strange expression on her face, as if thinking of something, then suddenly said: “I need to tell you one thing.”
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