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I will come to visit the eternal Jew, he will begin to burden me with centuries of wandering through vices and seek navigation in the promised land for forty years, pinch chocolate and in general, what shit will I get into? What if there are all relatives in the collection and the grandmother on the entresol? and what to take with him, old clunkers? – such thoughts led her to the slaughter.
Entering the apartment and throwing his big in the hallway, he rushed to the kitchen and rushed about fifteen minutes like a tiger in a cage, bringing himself to life and being excited by her presence and the fullness of the apartment with her smell, energy and something sensual that they smell beasts from the times of the Inquisition.
She didn’t take off her boots, but walked around the apartment and got a little whacked from the antiques gathered in it.
Sewing machine from the era of the reign of Nicholas II, such things can sew boots and iron armor, apparently patches the bike at leisure, grandmother’s mahogany, scattered around the corners in the form of sideboards, shelves and chest of drawers, and modern spots in the form of a huge telly, white leather sofa and two more bikes in different corners.
Well, fuck, athlete! Curtains, draperies, bars on the windows, and the people will not forgive the removal of good from the nation, in short, beauty.
My office, my own dressing room, I think briefcases and cufflinks, obviously not handbags and shoes, and a bedroom in pink and red tones.
“A bedroom for Barbie, she told him, and he swirled under her feet.
Having thrown it off, she placed herself in the kitchen and asked for coffee.
He poured himself a red label to cool off and not worry on such a beautiful autumn day, and began shamanizing with the car.
The first cup of coffee went and the second glass.
– Eugene, do not boil that you are so tormented, I produce such languor in your breasts? – you are very sexy, I still have a dick on the subway on you.

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– well.
– she straightened the collar of her dress, opening her even more magnificent breast.
– can still coffee? – and you will master me? – a sudden question threw him into a stupor, echoing in his eyes.
But he gathered quickly and lightning.
– yes! – What would you like? – so that you could vote
I want to lick you.
– do not lose the panties on the turn.
In short, the motion was short, but painful.
He, like a schoolboy, hesitated and babbled, until she barked in the voice of the head teacher at the pedagogical council: “take off your clothes on your knees and now lick,” and spread her legs like bridges in St. Petersburg.
He did it skillfully, but slowly.
Until she clicked on the top of his head and did not order him to suck and lick harder, then the waves of arousal began to caress her with his tongue.
As a result, she ordered two fingers to be shoved and hurried, as if he was sneaking to the center of the earth and the drill should be fast, silent and smooth, but reach those places where it is exciting.
– it’s fucking, not fishing.
At this rate, you’re here until dawn will lick.
I need control everywhere, I feel OTK.
– what a beautiful and tasty cunt you have! – and the identity, as I know, moved there with the tongue, the serpent-tempter.
Then she got tired of this prelude and she wanted to be fucked with cancer.
So in a dress, boots and sticking out the ass, she fucked up a white leather sofa with its depravity.
But Eugene was only happy to drive his dick into her and temperately, as he is a lover of Italian operas, to have her.
– Well, honey, you’re mine! well, I am still pleased with you, – her head was occupied with goosebumps and a great location to the object that was moving the hockey player behind her with her body.
– Yes! Yes! fuck bitch! This cry has released into the light of all the darkest and cave and with a roar, he finished.
Slamming the third glass, he began to charm her with his autobiography, she yawned in the helmet, which he wore, because he is also a motorcycle racer, fucking !!! Nodding his head was difficult! Not to say, the peasant was caught cool and interesting, but it was not a sin to hang out over him.
Having once again walked around the room, while inspecting the opponent’s next hobby, her gaze came across the commercials.
It seems that recently she wrote about it, but wanted to try it.
– Eugene, come here, my darling.
here’s the rollers, I’ll fuck you.
– I want to, in reality, quickly dressed.
He began to pull them over, and she was shaking and hurrying in indiscretion.
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