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At the twenty-first school vacant director.
Under the unwritten law, he was responsible for appointing school authorities.
When the bitchy, but incredibly seductive head teacher of the school came to him and hinting to him that he would be very, very grateful for it, and then began to ask for the director’s place, he personally went to the door and looked out at it, told the secretary that he was leaving to the meeting.
Visitors instantly left his waiting room.
Locking the door, he looked at her attentively and, testing her intelligence, went into the room for rest.
For a moment, transfixed, Vera Ignatyevna startled and almost ran after him.
Closing the thick curtains on the windows, he turned back to her.
Blushing embarrassed, she slowly unbuttoned her skirt.
When she fell at her feet, approaching her, he ran his hand into her panties and felt the genital slit.
I, now.
I will undress, dying from the frankness of what is happening between them, she whispered shyly.
I will take off your pants myself, ”he croaked and pulling them down to his round knees.
Under them showed a beautiful pubis covered with bushy brown hair.
The woman’s bulging belly was exhilaratingly swollen.
She was married and to this day, reliably kept loyalty to her husband.
But now she really needed the position of director of the school, for which she was ready to sacrifice her principles.
Kneeling down, he took off his underpants with her legs, then to her dismay, passionately pressed his lips to her genital slit.
His strong lips eagerly stuck to her.
Vera Ignatievna involuntarily felt a rush of desire flooding her.
Husband never kissed her genital slit.
His tongue skillfully wiggled the clitoris.
This caress drove her crazy.
Vera Ignatievna realized that the puritan love of her husband is nothing compared to the exquisite caresses of the third secretary.

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Holding her buttocks, he thrust his finger deep into her anus and wiggled them.
She nearly fell from a keen sense of pleasure.
Throwing back on her back, she eagerly grabbed hold of him and grief from eagerness, pulled him over.
Going under him, she thought with anguish that giving herself to her husband, from now on she would always dream of Pavlov’s passionate caresses.
After finishing countless times, she left confident that the position of director was now guaranteed to her.
She did not suspect that she was taking away a personal gift from Veniamin Mikhailovich that she would very soon discover and remember this insanely pleasant day, filled to the brim with honey of sinful love.
Spooning a bowl of soup, Mefodiev looked suspiciously at the unexpectedly grown-up sister.
Although she hadn’t been particularly graceful before, but now her breasts barely fit in the dress that has become close for her, and her ass has been horrendous, and his wife doesn’t look any better either.
Damn it, he works like a draft horse, risks health, and these shameless sluts sleep shamelessly with his third secretary.
Pavlov, brute, is also good.
At least a little respected his boss, did not climb into his personal bed.
Longing chained his heart in a solid shell, consisting of anguish and intolerable pain.
Throwing a spoon, he abruptly stood up, and passing into his office, he took a bottle of brandy from the cache.
After drinking half a glass, he suddenly

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experienced severe pain, tearing his heart apart, clutching at him and wondering what had happened to him, he began to slowly fall on his back.
Choking from an acute attack of suffocation, he tried to cry out, but only a small moo escaped from his chest.
Closing his eyes, he went into eternity.
His funeral took place on Thursday.
The second secretary of the district committee of the party, Veniamin Mikhailovich, standing next to the coffin, carefully supported the widow dressed in mourning arm.
Her eyes were dry.
Looking at Daria’s calm face, the sister of the deceased first experienced hatred for her.
This bitch along with her mercilessly killed her husband and does not even try to pretend, at least to show everyone that she also grieves over the death of her beloved spouse.
And this goose, Venia Pavlov, a brute is depraved, is also good.
Bastard! He still finally got his way.
Here he is the second secretary.
It remains to kill only the next one, which took the place of her older brother, and in order to eliminate him, he will definitely find a way to also put him in a coffin. Free online rpg sex games.

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