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The guys went into the bushes, which hid them from prying eyes, and Maxim, taking his penis in his hand, began to massage him, letting Ivan know through his actions so that he repeated the same movements.
Maxim’s body began to grow in front of his eyes, became thicker and stretched out revealing a pink head, but in size it was the same as Ivan in a calm state 17 centimeters in length and 4, 5 centimeters in circumference.
Ivan began to repeat the movement for the actions of his senior mentor, he was pleased and a member began to swell, reaching his twenty-eight centimeters.
Maxim was stunned by such a magnificent spectacle, before that he had never seen such big fucks.
– Yes, man, with such a thing as you only need a woman to fuck, I wish I was! You have never been with the women? – No, but I saw by chance at night, as my father shoved his mother’s pussy pussy, and she also moaned with pleasure.
– This is called fucking! – With these words, Maxim earned his hands faster, and a thick white liquid shot out of his penis, which sprinkled sand and grass. First time sex watch online.

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