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She turned sharply, and saw among the trees bright yellow eyes looking straight at her.
Fear instantly rose in her, and without thinking about anything she rushed to run to where she had left the car.
“If only to get to the car, if only.
“Pounded in her thoughts.
She ran as best she could, without looking around, and having almost reached her goal, she turned around.
At the same second, she crashed into something solid and plummeted backwards.
She landed, she looked up, and faced the same yellow eyes.
It was dark in the forest, the trees covered the moon, and she could not see what it was.
As soon as it began to lean toward her, Sonia quickly crawled away, abruptly rising to her feet, ran, not realizing that she was running back to the clearing by the lake.
When she ran, she stumbled, but waving her arms, she was able to resist.
Returning to her balance, Sonya looked up and put her eyes on the animal’s eyes.
He seemed to be everywhere.
She did not understand how he was able to render again to her.
She began to move backwards.
Fear drove out all thoughts, not looking away, as if spellbound, she walked slowly until she rested against a thick old tree.
She also took a step with her, coming closer.
Now the moonlight was illuminating him, and Sonia thought she was crazy.
She did not know what it was, but he was something like a wolf and a man.

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Yellow eyes, muzzle and fangs, all covered with a small coat, had claws on their legs that looked more like feet.
Before raising her eyes again, Sonya noticed his huge standing nature.
In a mind filled with fear, a single word popped up matching the description she so often met in the movie.
But it was pure madness! It came very close, fangs, on his face sparkled like a wild beast.
He began to lean toward her, and Sonya was already prepared for pain and death.
His nose stopped a millimeter from her cheek, and she could feel his strong breathing.
And then he began to sniff her, going down from cheek to throat, stopping at the neckline of her T-shirt.
Grasping her legs for her waist, he abruptly threw her on.
the grass.
Landing, Sonya hit hard, but fear dulled the pain.
Leaning on her elbows, she began to crawl away from him, but the beast would not let her.
Grasping her legs, he pulled the girl to him.
Spreading them apart, he knelt between them.
Sonya’s light flying skirt rose in the fall, exposing his panties to his eyes.
He lowered his face straight to them.
Pressing his nose to the bosom, the beast began to smell it again.
It seemed to Sonia that he had smelled her.
Having hooked his thin panties with his teeth, he tore them apart, leaving shreds near her legs, and stuck his nose right into her vagina.
Sonya tried to escape, but his grip was iron.
Fear trembled through her body, forcing her to fight in minor convulsions.
He seemed to sniff her for eternity, and then he began to lick her with his rough tongue.
She was terrified when, apart from fear, she felt a strange feeling rise in her body.
His tongue sent small discharges down her stomach, and when she felt that they began to grow, and an unexpected pleasure was approaching, he bit her into a vein on her

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thigh, sending one powerful discharge of fire into the womb. Film online free sex.

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