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All in longing for hubby, She sends a letter to him.
“Our son is an adult uncle. On the mind alone are whores.
Come soon, please! I can barely breathe at night! Nearly a year, sweep the buddy Only a vegetable, yes a hand! “And the weaver with the cook, That letter was stolen famously, They wrote it from themselves, With the cruelty of the boiling bitter wickedness.
“The tsarina bore a son in the night, Not a daughter, Not a daughter! Speaking in a scientific style, Miracle Yudo of the hermofog! The pin has a very large, Only with the left carving! And with it the square square.
All the queen is guilty! Horns grow on the head, And on the tail there are two tails.
To know, your queen was Not such a maiden, And not only to the shepherds, Allowed and goats To eat yourself without knowing the measures! “The king read.
“Velu,” he has come to his senses; “And queen and litter, Secretly cast into the abyss of water !!!. Couples sex toys online.

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