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To be a model, even a doll, To cry, to beat and shout, And, when they order you, In the throes finally to end.
After lying on the mat, Zamiraya, barely breathing, Shudder, when the rope Cut the knife blade, Flinch, when goosebumps Run around, Flinch, when out of the cup Water flows on the face, Flinch, when from the outskirts when Master Quietly whispers: “Be patient.
“I do not smell my legs, I break my arms, I barely move them.
I hate this torment, I hate it.
and I love! Tanuka

I trickle the breeze on the lips of half-open, Your hot thighs and shy hands.
I embodied you from those times of the forgotten, Where we have known the thrill of tender torments.
As I am tired, take me back, It is hard for me to breathe in your new life, To search for you and irrevocably again Your breath in fathomless dreams to lose. Cinderellaw webcam sex.

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