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I had to apologize to Leroy and her mother again.
In the latter case (I never allowed myself to be more like this), Tatyana Frantsevna forgiven, kissed me on the cheek (it was in the schoolyard, on Saturday, she met me on the street, led her to talk).
I cried.
She took out her handkerchief and wiped my tears away.
She said that Leroy and I are very similar and that I am a little bit like a girl too.
“Sasha, I know that you like Lera very much,” said Tatyana Frantsevna.
– Here you will grow up and love each other: I burst into tears again.
I could not be called a crybaby, rather, I was very emotional and impressionable: Tatyana Frantsevna sat down on the bench, gently took me by the head and leaned it against her chest.
It smelled of unknown toilet water and the smell of a well-groomed female body, and: the smell of a woman.
She was wearing a beautiful light green sundress, with open shoulders.
He beautifully emphasized her beautiful figure, so uncharacteristic for many women over 40 years old.
When I calmed down, she gave me a drink of water.
Then we said goodbye, in parting, she sent me a kiss.
Nobody escorted me, my mother was away on a business trip, and I managed to carry out a “cunning maneuver” by taking hidden bags of beer, chips and cigarettes out of the house.
Lerku saw off her mother.
When we got on the bus, she waved to her daughter and sent a kiss.
They drank vodka and beer right at school, fought.
I was drunk, but I did not take part in the fights, and I often got

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it from my comrades; often subjected to ridicule and reputedly for the last sucker.

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On February 23, girls-classmates presented me with a volume of Esenin’s poems, and Zhenka Efremova – a triple cologne, which he drank in half after an argument session.
And we, the boys, on March 8 for girls bought on the market cheap paintings, which they refused to accept.
I was sent to present gifts, as the “right” boys, apparently, were very shy of their “refined” tastes.
And Lurka stood up in my defense, telling them to take pictures from my hands, if only for my sake.
And almost everyone agreed, taking the gift paintings from me.
When we had the last call, everyone in the diaries of his comrades wrote that he or she wished him or her later in life.
I remember Lera wrote to me.
“I wish you to find friends.
Let me order two more bottles of beer, and walk with you to the latrine: We had plenty of time, and I lit up again, pricked my ears, continuing to listen to Sasha-Fomich (that was his name at school).
“Well, namesake, let’s move on from business to body,” Sasha barked his beer reek and coughed.
– More precisely, to two bodies.
– And to what? – I did not understand at first.
“Well, don’t make fun,” Sanka grinned.
– You yourself understand everything.
Of course, about my GIRL – Lerka and Tatyana Frantsevna.
I could not even move, my breath caught and I could not say a word.
The men continued to look at me with interest.
Cute bitch – rated one.
Smelly hurt – whined another.
Don’t give a shit, he scumbled the first one and he squealed too.
I felt unbearably ashamed.
Like never in my life.
Yes, she is in heat – one of the men suddenly noticed a tampon in my pussy.
Hey, fuck, you want to suck a dick – a man asked and unbuttoning his pants got a hefty cock.
I felt that I was going to vomit.
Men, please close the door – I moaned, barely restraining the urge to vomit.
Suck it – close – peremptorily declared a man and stepped toward me.
His penis was a centimeter in my face, it smelled like urine and something sour and nasty.
I could no longer hold back.
Vomiting poured from my throat right on the pants man, my skirt and shirt.
Ah, you are a mouth of a scavenger – the man swore and cracked his fist over my head.
Sparks flew from his eyes.
I tilted into my own shit, hitting my head on the second door and roared loudly.
The men, frightened, jumped out into the vestibule, slamming the door loudly. Big boobs webcam tube.

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