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I thought my eyes would get on my forehead.
I screamed, twitched, trying to escape, but to no avail.
The jig lasted for about a minute, it was a terrible torture, especially since I no longer had enough air

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It was unbelievable pain, I wanted to escape at any cost, but my hands were tied, the hostess was sitting on her head with the whole carcass, and the owner was holding her legs.
I just writhed in painful cramps.
Finally, the hostess’s hand was tired, and she let go of my long-suffering dick.
Only now I relaxed.
– Well, fag, finished? That’s the same thing.
You will continue to know how to finish before the owners! – said the hostess.
– Okay, I need to rest.
And while you watch my husband fucking your pig.
And become a cancer! – I could not get up with cancer: my hands were linked by handcuffs.
So I put my face on the carpet and spread my knees wide.
Madam sat in a chair, putting my feet on my back.
– Honey, ebni-ka she still has a couple of hot, and continue on the script! – Yes, honey, I’ll do it now.
Only I already have to finish.
– replied the owner.
– Well, put this whore in her throat, she likes it.
The owner again approached Tanke.
She twitched, moaned loudly.
But the master was adamant.
He pulled her over her pussy five more times, and then abruptly pulled the ball out of Tankin’s mouth and planted his dick into the hole in the stocking stretched across Tankin’s head for the entire length.
I saw her throat swollen.
The owner moved his throat a little bit, not caring that she could not breathe, then planted my wife’s mouth on the base of the dick and ended up right in the esophagus.
She was shaking either from lack of air, or from an orgasm, I could not understand.
When the dick left her mouth, she gasped hoarsely and went limp.
The leg on which she stood was buckled, and my wife hung on one leg.
The owner quickly jumped to her, loosened the rope, removed the stocking from his head and laid Tanka on the carpet.

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Freeing her from the remaining clothespins and handcuffs, he slammed Tanka hard on boobs a couple of times.
“Well, pig, alive?” Tanka opened her wild eyes and instinctively covered her battered cunt with her hands.
“Live means.
You will not strangle such a creature, you will not kill it.
Okay, have a rest while “My wife suddenly twitched and stretched her mouth to the master’s dick.
“Well fucking! Just died, and already suck for your dick stretches! Fuck, roll while here, you still need you.
“- and roughly shoved Tanku in the face.
Tanka flew off to the wall and curled up.
– Honey, while the pig is resting, please fuck me in the pussy, I want to finish like that, – the mistress of the husband asked.
– Yes my love.
Of course fuck.
I just finished, so I have to fag raised me the dick.
– He stood in front of me and brought the hanging hose to my mouth.
I obediently sucked the master’s dick and started moving my head, feeling the dick grow and harden in my mouth.
While I was sucking dick, Mistress slashed my asshole with a whip and said: “Huesos is a foul, get a thing.
“After a couple of minutes of sucking dick took fighting stance, and the owner sat down in a chair.
Mrs. fell on his knees, turning his ass to the owner, and, crouching, put the master’s dick in her pussy and spread her thighs wide.
Her meaty cunt and huge clit opened up.
The hostess slowly crouched and rose, the dick moved in her pussy, and the lubricant flowed over the owner’s large shaved eggs.
– Pizdoliz, crawl here – and pulled me over the leash.
Then she unbuttoned my handcuffs, put me in front of her cancer and pressed my face to her pussy.
– Suck the clitoris, an animal.
– And do not forget about my eggs.
– the owner has given a voice.
I began to suck the Lady’s clit as if it was a small dick, licked my wet pussy, ran my tongue over the owner’s trunk moving in my pussy, took it in my mouth and sucked the master’s eggs.
My Tanya is also a big clitoris, but for the first time I had such a giant in my mouth.
Soon my face was again all wet with grease, I tried very hard to bring pleasure to my hosts.
And judging by their sighs and groans, I did it.
Suddenly I felt my hands on my ass.
It was Tanya! She forcefully spread her ass to the side and began to lick my hole, penetrating deep inside with her tongue.
Her tongue is very long, and she literally licked me from the inside.
It was so nice that I loosened the licking a bit.
– Fuck yourself! – said the hostess, not stopping to move on the dick.
– This damn already woke up and began to lick her husband’s fagot point! Dear, give me a whip, and then this asshole something relaxed.
– After receiving the whip, the hostess began to hurt me painfully on the ass and on the back. Big boobs watch online.

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