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Be right back.
– she threw a robe and slipped out of the room.
“Don’t step on Genk.”
he murmured after her.
The toilet was outside.
Oleg heard the front door knocking and turned over on the other side.
At that moment, behind the wall they were hauling in, heavy male steps were heard and the door slammed again.
Probably, Genka is also in the toilet.
– Oleg thought, yawning full-length.
The dream did not go.
She is not returning.
As, however, and Genka.
Oleg had a vague suspicion.
Sleepiness vanished.
Pulling on his pants, he slipped out of the house and looked around.
The toilet was far away, but they had nothing to do there.
It is cold outside.
But in the bathhouse, it seems, even the light is on.
True, the window itself is not visible from here, but the bushes opposite it seem to be lit up.
Oleg crept to the window and looked inside.
There was no one in the lighted waiting room.
Genka, you bastard, could wash the window! – Oleg cursed to himself, peering inside through the muddy glass.
The pair emerged from the former storage room.
Genka was carrying a bottle of oil in his hands.
Tatiana looked unusually serious.
Throwing off her robe, she sat down on the sofa, opened her mouth and immediately got into it a slightly curved, sinewy member.
She slowly slid her lips over him, sucking until Genk pulled her away.
Tanya got cancer, sticking out her ass.
A brilliant member entered it, but stopped halfway through.
Genka splashed oil between the buttocks, smeared it and began to knead the anus, thrusting his fingers in there, but not forgetting to sway the member back and forth, recalling his presence in the vagina.
No shit yourself! – Oleg finally figured out – he will fuck her now! And why at night, in secret? I could have warned me.
Or is it also included in our contract? What to inform the husband is not necessary? No, somehow it looks bad.

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Genka made the first penetration attempt.
Tanka recoiled from a cock resting in the ass.
The second time he tried to hold her by the hips.
At first it seemed to Oleg that the butt had succumbed, and probably it was so, but from the pain Tanya shed tears and she broke loose again.
Why does she do it if she hurts? – did not understand Oleg – Enough! I’ll go find out everything myself.
– he resolutely pulled the door.
He was taken aback by Gena, who was taken aback, putting Tatiana back on the table.
In her eyes the real horror splashed.
– And what do you want to tell me? – Oleg wound up at the door.
– This is not what you think! – Tatiana muttered.
– You keep quiet! I ask him! – interrupted her husband.
If it were not for the contract, then the situation with Genka with a sticking out elda and naked Tatyana would be interpreted unequivocally, but now everything turned out to be so difficult.
– You understand, Olezhek.
– Genka hid the end in his pants and dragged him to the couch – There is such a thing.
In general, we are trying for you.
– Yeah.
– Oleg smiled – Of course.
For me.
And I do not know! Genych! I don’t mind, you know.
But he could warn?

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– Could not.
She did not order.
– Genka nodded at Tatiana.
– More interesting.
So, in short, they quickly told me what the secret meetings are here! – Oleg, for persuasiveness, wanted to hit his fist on the table, but the table was far away.
– So I say! She asked me yesterday to have her.
deprived of virginity.
in the ass.
Would show what and how.
This is just like a simple hymen, for the first time you need to trust an experienced person.
And then she would have made a surprise to you – she would have substituted by chance.
– True, Olezhek! I asked him to! – stuck Tanya in the men’s conversation.
– Shut up too.
– Oleg snapped.
– So, Genych, you say you need an experienced one? And who Katka your ass opened? – Himself.
– Genka looked down.
– We have no one to ask for.
You know how namuchilis.
Nothing is not clear, than to smear, how to poke, in what position.
Although, Olezhek, who their women know, maybe she tried it with me before.
– Oleg – Tatiana started talking again – I could have done it with you, but right there.
what if nothing happens at all? It will be insulting to you – just got in the mood and didn’t work out.
And then I would not have encouraged you in vain.
“But now I’m here.”
And what will we do next? – On! – Genka put butter in his hand – Your wife – you kiss her and break her.
And I went to sleep.
So that you have no unnecessary suspicions.
– Wait! – Oleg unanimously stopped him with Tanka.
– Do not go! Can you tell me what.
– Okay.
– Genka stood beside him, demonstratively folding his arms across his chest. Anal cam inside.

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