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X livejasmin. What are you thinking about suddenly, halfway down? This is a thrill: and it’s not clear why then: (in the chest the heart beat fast – the dick approached the lips) everyone thinks it’s shameful if the dick sucks the kid or if the boy gives his ass: and although no one knows thoroughly why , this version is considered to be an axiom – why all homosexuality should be despised, nevertheless, this version was introduced into the minds of the population – and Valerka’s heart beat: he, Valerka, did not dare: he did not dare – and wanted to! Dick pressed his lips to his, and Valerka: Sanin slid his flaming penis over his lips, and Valerka: unclenched his lips, licked his firmly-tender head, and – taking it in his mouth, clumsily and awkwardly squeezed his lips: yo! – the Svyazzkvboda Sanya stopped: could he have thought that the day would come – and in the bath the gray-eyed salabon would squeeze his member imperfectly tense? The body was buzzing with love: Valerka was already snorting, enjoying, all doubts evaporated in a flash: and, feeling pleasure, he, Valerka, slid along the trunk with his lips moist: and what was he afraid of? It seems to be scary, but in reality: young hearts beat into rapture and passionately in unison – how cool is that !.
Two fighters bathed in a bath: they squeezed each other hotly, kissed on the lips: and tight tight tense lips compressed: sometimes Valerka took from Sanya, then Sanya: again the boys in the soldiers’ bath rubbed and bathed – and they didn’t hurry to finish: kissed again and again – savored pleasure: isn’t it love? X livejasmin.

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