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As luck would have it, at that moment the chief came in and I, of course, got up.
– Hmm, Maria Vitalevna, in half an hour I wait for you in my office.
Girls will be there too.
– Of course, Evgeny Viktorovich, I will.
I can say it was aroused, I thought it was cancer and everything was visible.
Well, okay, and began to go about their business.
Half an hour passed, I took the keys out and closed my office.
I went to the third floor, to the office of the chief.
A little about him: a solid, rich and attractive man, but about intimate closeness I thought with him only once, and then, at once, I threw this nonsense from my head.
I went into the office, there were no girls, only the boss stood with his back to me and looked out the window.
– Um.
I’m here, and where are the girls?

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He turned around and smiled at me.
– Oh, Maria, and girls.
Girls, come on, come on, sit down! Embarrassed, I sat down in the chair.
– How is your husband? A son? – Everything is fine, though my husband spends his days at work, but the profit is coming out.
– All day at work? How could he leave such a woman to be bored alone? I wanted to leave already, but I realized that it would not be beautiful.
– Yes, it can be boring.
But we are fine.
He got up and approached me, being behind me.
– Can I decorate the solitude of such a gorgeous woman? He began to touch my skirt, thus lifting it up.
My head began to flash thoughts “no, I can not do this, I love my husband!” And on the other hand, I have not had sex for 2 weeks.
– I.
Probably go, a lot of work.
– No no no no, quieter, work will wait.

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I myself did not notice how I found myself without a skirt, before his eyes I found myself in some thongs and an unbuttoned blouse.
I’m soaked.
Now I wanted him.
I quickly removed the blouse and got cancer.
– That’s clever, that’s good.
He pulled out of his pants a member, a big dick.
I wanted to rush on him, suck him, but he quickly went to my bottom.
– I want to fuck you! He somehow quickly switched to a rough tone, which I felt somehow uncomfortable.
He entered me, it hurt.
But after a few minutes, this pain became pleasant, it was getting better and better.
– Oh, oh yes, yes, let’s, let’s, more.
STILL! I just did not control myself, I screamed, I begged to accelerate the pace, but he scoffed at me, he did everything slowly, on purpose.
– Hush bitch, hush.
(I liked it).
– Let’s, more, faster! (He slapped me on the ass, I was excited by this even more) – Bitch!

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