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Belatedly, I realized that the hem is still pretty battered, giving out what happened inside the booth.
I quickly straightened the fabric.
Olya beckoned me with her finger, standing barely three steps from the exit.
The seller stood nearby and waited for the client.
I simply could not get a vibrator out of me.
Well, except to make it right before his eyes.
So I had to get up the courage and get out of the saving booth right with the working toy between my legs.
I did not have time to go even five steps when the toy slid down sharply and I just didn’t let it fall, just running my hand under the hem and putting the dildo back in time.
The girl-buyer, seeing my gesture, hurriedly turned away, instantly realizing that I had launched a hand under my skirt for a reason.
Olya, seeing this, smiled slyly and picked me up by the hand.
– You will behave yourself, give panties! She whispered in my ear.
– Yeah, – I nodded, although the world in front of my eyes clouded a red veil of desire.
The vibrator quickly did its job.
The first time I finished near the counter counter.
While Olya was paying for her, I simply hid from unnecessary glances behind the nearest stand, having blissfully finished right

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in the middle of the store.
Has anyone seen me? I have no idea to this day.
I held my voice as best I could, but I could not hide the grimace of pleasure.
And the hand running between the legs, so that the dildo simply did not slip out, was easier to notice.

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Olga caught me as soon as I blinked a little and dragged me around the supermarket.
I had no idea where we were going.
I simply did not realize that so much attention was required by a working vibrator.
I wanted to get rid of him terribly, because I understood that my condition is now easily visible to everyone around me – I was not able to hide my pleasure – I didn’t moan with great difficulty.
But, on the other hand, I simply revel in my own profligacy.
I caught on one lustful look after another and only more acutely perceived the surrounding.
Even more strongly felt a pleasant languor, waves spreading through the body.
We passed about two hundred meters.
Every few steps I had to catch a dildo falling out of wet pussy.
And Olga did not make any attempts to help me.
On the contrary, it seems she was very pleased to watch me.
Lead me, absolutely nothing thinking somewhere through the crowd of people.
As it turned out – we just walked in a straight line to the first shops.
In the center of the hall was a small fountain.
And Olga managed to knock us out a couple of places without any problems, saying that “my friend is bad.”
Bad I, of course, was not.
On the contrary, I was too good.
Olga, not paying any attention to the people scurrying around, launched a hand to me under the hem and moved the vibrator to the touch to the smallest power.
And, as soon as I started to think at least something, I fished my panties out of my purse.
“On, I deserve it,” she said with a smile, squeezing me tightly by the elbow.
I understood the hint without difficulty.
“Put it on here.”
I glanced around at the crowd of people, but those, for the most part, were in a hurry somewhere for their business.
Yes, and I simply had no choice.
The prospect of going on every ten steps to catch a slipping dildo didn’t attract me at all.
So, trying not to think about the audience, I pulled on my panties as quickly as possible.
– Fuck yourself! – rang almost immediately.
– Girl, can I meet you? I didn’t even turn my head.
Besides, Olga answered for me.
– No, you can’t meet her! – she said brazenly.
– Because, this girl is, firstly, a lesbian, and secondly – my lesbian! Sex spy camera mom and son.

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