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In addition, it was necessary to order earlier as there was enough work for all well-known paid calculators.
And there was no money for it.
Having conferred in the evening with Lena.
She said that there is a third-year-old boy from the Eagle at the institute who calculates the tasks for money, including materials science, and that he is rumored to be not indifferent to it.
Olya saw this guy at the institute.
They say he rented an apartment in Medvedkovo moonlighted as a builder and, in general, did not live badly for a nonresident.
After serving in the army, he continued

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his studies.
Growth he was medium stocky and moderately likeable.
He tried to talk to Sney a couple of times in the dining room, but Olga, although she did not have a boyfriend now, she avoided him, since he was younger than her for a year, and she believed that men should be older.
Of course, it’s impossible to call her beautiful and age has already said that it’s time to start a family, but they would rush to anybody she didn’t want.
Lenka said that at the institute, Sanya was talking to the senodnya, but she didn’t mind helping, even said that she would come to Medvedkovo tomorrow at nine in the morning and give her cell number.
– I don’t even know him at all! – Olga said, let’s go together.
– What are you down from an oak tree? – Lenka hastened to answer.
– I have tomorrow on the “tower” exam.
– And if you pester, Olga asked, – Well, it will stop, that little thing, you are not in a position to talk now.

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At nine in the morning, near the door of a one-room apartment in a panel Khrushchev, she was already short in stature, under a hundred and seventy, a girl, as usual in a black felt hat with small upturned fields wrapped in ribbon around her, in her black boots just below the knee on a high wide heel.
In the morning she wore a long, tight, fitted blue square, because it was still cool, the dress on the dress was made of large red-white flowers and with this she expressed her summer mood.
Sanya opened the door, he was at home since he returned from a night workout two hours ago.
-Hello Olya, come in.
After spending it in the kitchen, he poured tea to himself with her.
For tea I found out the volume of the problem.
Unexpectedly, he took her moderately chubby hand, lying on the table, with her hand covered by her wrist to the middle of the sleeve, raised it to his lips and put his lips to it.
And he began to whisper: you understand, we’ll do everything in the evening in the best way, but I haven’t had a girlfriend for a long time and I need intimate intimacy right now, otherwise I will feel bad and I will not be able to help anyone.
After all, it costs you nothing, you are no longer a girl, but I’m careful and no one will know.
Olga was dumbfounded by such arrogance, she had never listened to such a thing and was even embarrassed.
The first thought arose to get up and leave, But the realization that the last chance to correct the situation stopped her, by the same time he was part of the rights of the girl, she wasn’t close to Tula for two years, she was close friends with the guy who left her when she was entered
In addition, although she was driving away these thoughts from herself, Alexander liked her.
Understanding her lack of beauty in a prominent lower lip, not long legs, but one meter, she realized that Sanya was not the last option for her.
Of course, it would not hurt to leave now by slamming the door, and then accept an apology, but an apology could not be waited, but the time was really waiting. Sex and the city smotret online serial.

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