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Elizaveta Sergeevna went to the hanger and took off her bag, which she took from the closet on the second floor before going to wash.
“It’s for me,” she said, taking the vibrator out of the bag and turning it on.
Reaching them slightly between the labia, she inserted it almost to the end of her vagina.
A soft moan came from her lips.
“And this, daughter, is for you.”
With these words, she pulled out of the package narrow leather pants.
Katya, having seen the “toy” intended for her, groaned and began to rub her crotch faster.
Hanging the bag back on the hanger, Elizaveta Sergeyevna barely pulled on tight leather panties over her full body, pressing the vibrator even more into the vagina.
A large black dick stuck out in front of his underpants.
Anton saw how my mother fell on all fours, and wagging her ass crawled to her grandmother.
Grandma looked at her and smiled.
Her right hand was stroking a thick, rubber cock.
Mom, being near her grandmother, stuck out her tongue and led them from the fingers of her grandmother’s left to her panties.
Then repeated the same with the right foot.
“Yes, you want him,” said the grandmother.
“You want this big dick, my little slut.
You will get it.
But first – suck me.
Come on
“Mom knelt down and clasped a hard member with her right palm and sent it into her mouth.
She moved her head back.
A member with a squishing sound popped out.
Mom stuck out her tongue and began to lick him, jerking with her right hand.
Grandma was moaning and beating her big boobs with both hands. Sex and the city 1 watch online.

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