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They stood and talked about something without noticing us.
I kissed my wife and quickly, without going into details, told her what happened when she made love to a friend.
My wife took heart, ceased to cover her breasts and pubis with her hands, looked at me tenderly, and from her gaze one could understand that she was not averse to making love with these guys.
I told her: – Do not be afraid, let’s go get acquainted.
And we went to the guys.
Hearing our approach, they turned their heads to the side and saw us dumbfounded.
The dog, surprisingly, behaved calmly and also looked at us.
Approaching the guys, we greeted them and I introduced them to my wife.
They politely extended their hands to her without taking their eyes off her charms.
The dog, sensing a weakening of the habit, walked over to my wife and nuzzled her in the pubis, having managed once to hold her tongue over her sexual lips.
At the touch of a dog, the wife started and was filled with paint.
The owner sharply pulled the leash and ordered the dog “Fu”.
To which the wife said: – Do not offend this lovely animal, because it has not done anything wrong.
I, in order to interrupt the prolonged pause, suggested that the guys take a walk with us through the forest.
What they willingly agreed to and offered, in turn, to go to their tent.
Without waiting for an invitation, the guys asked my wife permission to take off her clothes and, like us, walk naked.
The wife agreed and in turn asked to take the dog to the tent on a leash.
The guy holding the dog gave her a leash and the wife, like beautiful Diana with a dog, walked in front of us, shaking her hips merrily, and from time to time the dog turned her head in her direction and tried to lick her.
The owner of the dog saw what was happening and said: – Apparently became friends.
The three of us walked behind with members sticking up like a palisade, the piquancy of the situation greatly aroused us.

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At the tent, the hosts invited us to drink and eat.
My wife pulled the dog off the leash and sat on all fours on the edge of the bedspread, our new acquaintances sat on the sides of it, and I sat in front of them.
After drinking wine, we sat and talked, but it was felt that the tension was increasing.
One of the guys was stroking my wife’s back, and the second was her left breast.
Occasionally the wife, from caresses, covered her eyes.
Having spilled wine on plastic glasses and having sipped, the wife reached for a piece of lemon, having risen on knees, having opened to a look of children the expiring passion the vagina.
One of the guys could not stand it and began to stroke his hand, which caused his wife to bend over her back, drop the glass in her hand and spill the wine on the coverlet as a signal to action.
The second guy turned eke to his face and framed his young member to her lips, but before the wife could clutch his lips like a hot jet of sperm hit her face.
The embarrassed young man quickly gathered himself and ran to the lake, while his friend eagerly pushed his cock into the vagina, and from his

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pushes he heard a squish.
The wife apparently peaked, shook, screamed, and fell exhausted on the litter, and her new lover fell next to her.
After a while she got up, straightened the hair on her head and offered to leave quietly.
Going back to our friends we did not say a word.
And only going to the car, the wife turned to face me, kissed me on the lips and said quietly: – Thank you!
– Oh, how much time! – Oleg was surprised, having found a watch in clothes – And we leave tomorrow morning.
Let’s take a little more and sleep.
So did.
On the street it was dark for a long time, so that from the bathhouse to the house, we reached without dressing, laughing at our neighbors, who were missing such an entertaining show.
Oleg and his wife were laid in a single room.
Genka and his wife, despite the entreaties, lay down in the kitchenette on the floor.
– Olezhik, you would be better without us.
– He explained – You probably want to discuss something without extra ears.
And Katka probably wants.
So it’s better in different rooms.
Oleg agreed with this, but his expectations were not justified.
Tatyana said that she herself did not understand what was good and what was bad for herself, so there was nothing to talk about.
Oleg did not want to fuck yet, and he let his wife turn to the wall and fall asleep, he himself followed her into the realm of Morpheus.
He woke up in the middle of the night because Tanka clumsily climbed over him.
– Where are you going? – Sleep, sleep, I’m in the toilet. Nude women free web cams.

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