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We drove home quickly, she carefully examined my “den” and immediately went to the bathroom, asking before that some T-shirt or shirt.
She took the shirt and smiled and closed the door.
She was gone for about twenty minutes. In the meantime, I tried to clean up the room, washed the dishes, pulled the dumplings out of the freezer and set them to cook.
Twenty minutes later she called me.
The shirt sat on her very baggy, and now her slim, long legs were visible, her wet brown hair was neatly combed and fell down to her slender shoulders – the view was very seductive.
As it turned out, things were not laundered.
I offered to wash them quickly in a typewriter, she nodded silently and left the bathroom, and I quickly left the things in the machine and put on a quick wash and went to the kitchen.
She sat on the bed, legs tucked under her.
Dumplings were soon ready, and I suggested dinner.
She ate in silence, thinking about something else, and I was somehow embarrassed to start a conversation, cursing myself for it.
After dinner, I offered to go to the room and watch TV, she looked at me with her huge eyes and said.
– “Let’s get acquainted, my name is Katya”, “Come on, and me, Anton, I am very pleased! Katyusha, you excuse me, I didn’t want you to get so dirty. ”
“Okay, anything can happen” – and that’s it.

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sat on the bed, as there was nothing more to sit on and turned on the TV.
She stopped at the comedy “American Pie”, putting the disc, I sat on the bed and we began to watch the movie together.
Half an hour later, she was already smiling, showing even, white teeth, and I was getting more and more excited, looking at her legs and very beautiful face.
Suddenly the light went out and we found ourselves in the dark, finally realizing that there was no light, I took out a candle and, leaving Katya in the apartment, went to deal with the light.
The lights were turned off throughout the neighborhood, and the neighbor reported that the lights would not be long due to some kind of accident.

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When I returned home, I found out that Katya was sitting on the bed in the same position and was looking at me inquiringly.
“It seems that the light will not be long, I will get your things and let them dry, but as they give light, I will stroke them and you will be able to leave,” I said.
– “Do you always do everything yourself?” – “Yes, why not?” – “For the first time I see a guy do everything himself” – “This is normal.
You get used to it quickly, ”I said, and went to the bathroom to take out things.
The time came at ten o’clock, but there was no light.
We talked on abstract topics and looked out the window at the dark boxes of the nine-story buildings.
My mood was “zero”, and Katya smiled at something, gleaming white teeth and whites of her eyes in the dark.
So we spent another hour, after which she came to her senses and said.
– “They won’t let me go home, it’s too late.”
“Call me, tell me you’re lingering, and if you want, I can take you so that I don’t get it from my parents,” I responded with less enthusiasm.
“No, this is no good, there are no parents in the student hostel, and the entrance is already closed.
Today, such a migra is on duty, it’s better not to come across her eyes, ”she answered and smiled.
Her smile gave me goosebumps, but I tried not to show that I like it.
“Stay with me, I’ll lay myself on the floor,” I answered quickly.
In response, she just shook her head and looked out the window.
While I was pulling out the mattress and bedding, she didn’t say a word, when I changed the linen on the bed and began to make my bed on the floor, she turned to me and said.
– “We will fit on the bed, but on one condition, if you do not pester me.”
“You know, I’d rather lie on the floor.”
So it will be less tempting, ”I replied jokingly.
“Do you like me?” She replied after a short pause.
– “Yes very.
And therefore, I will lie on the floor ”- without thinking twice, I threw, continuing to make my bed.
– “I’m still a girl.
She dropped.
Honestly, I did not expect this, although I mentally undressed her several times and kissed her eyes.
I will not hide, my “friend” has long been ready.
– “It can’t be, you are so beautiful, you should have a lot of fans” – I did not invent a more stupid answer.
“That’s why in my 16 years I haven’t found myself a good person,” she replied sadly.
I went to her tight, gently took her chin and looked into her eyes.
She looked at me with glitter in her eyes, slightly opening her plump lips.
From what sight I closed my eyes and kissed her on the forehead.
– “Do you consider me a good person?” – “You didn’t rush at me” – “So I’ll throw myself away.
– I replied with a smile.
– “We’ll see.
“She answered and slipped out of my hands and went into the bathroom. Live sex chat with strangers.

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