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A powerful chin gave the face even more strength.
The muscular neck smoothly flowed into broad, strong shoulders.
My gaze slid down the tight-fitting T-shirt, examining every inch of his elastic chest.
A white T-shirt, like no other, emphasized the large forms of the breast, which was crowned with two prominent papillae.
God, these two little bumps can lead a woman, turn on her violent fantasy.
They beckon and attract the eye, for a moment and you no longer see the fabric of the T-shirt, these two light brown halos already flaunt nothing overt.
The tongue wets lips dry from excitement.
Heart beats faster and faster.
It seems that it is about to burst out.
I want to caress this chest, slide your hands down to a small waist, clasp it with your hands and press your whole body to the body of this man.
I already see his wide belt: Edge of the table: No, not only that: What a shame, on my way the edge of the table.
A piece of wood prevents me from penetrating below: Oh no: What should I do? Imagine, imagine that there is what is hidden under the table? Suddenly, my excited thoughts interrupted the ring of my mobile phone.
I took it off my belt and began to hold it to my ear, when suddenly the guy turned his gaze to me.
He again burned his eyes, for a moment, blinded me.

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With excitement, I dropped the phone from my hands, and he crashed under the table.
I stooped to pick it up, when suddenly it seemed to my gaze that, just a moment ago, it was a mystery to me that I could not find an answer to.
I quickly picked up the phone and looked at the screen.
But it was empty.
And suddenly, instead of letters and numbers on the screen, my eyes began to appear in pictures.
These were pictures of my memory, which I managed to make during the time I spent under the table.
Dark blue skinny jeans described the contours of the guy’s slim legs.
Slightly spaced, they looked my mind to the place where the jeans were bulging with a hillock that hid a large and strong male element.
That is the beginning that makes a woman tremble, which makes her breathing quicker, and her heart beats so passionately, like a volcano that woke up after a long sleep.
Only this volcano

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spews not deadly lava, sweeping and destroying everything living in its path, but on the contrary, a carrying force that is ready to give a new life that can wake up everything that is sleeping and sleepy.
That force that makes men at the same time crouch on their knees and inspires them to feats.
This is exactly what a big, strong tiger can make out of a small, cowardly rabbit that can engage in an unequal battle.
On the other hand, to make from this very tiger a humble and meek rabbit, who will completely obey his mistress.
With an interval of five minutes we were brought our orders and after twenty minutes, I sat at a table alone: ​​The guy was gone, he quickly had a bite and left.
I drank coffee and recalled the last moments of his presence, the moment when he got up and, having paid for lunch, left the cafe.
It was in these few seconds that I managed to look at what was hidden from me all this time – his sexy little ass.
Elastic buttocks played with each step. Live direct sex.

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