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The result of this practice was excellent.
I have never finished so much.
Not only was I myself incredibly awesome, but I also added sensations and what I understood, my orgasm gives him incredible pleasure, and that he belongs to Him too.
These confident caresses (not books, memorized), control, strength and power, as well as a sincere desire to please me – this is the Master, who next time is going to complicate the game a little.
But even he told me that real BDSM has nothing to do with the cruelty that propagandizes porn.
That is, such things have a place to be, but among the perverts.
How am I good !!! Now this person does not go out of my head, I want sex and in general relations only with Him, because I feel with him a number of weak, but desired, under the protection and patronage.
His power and authority on me already excites and pulls towards him.
org) I can not think about normal sex.
just don’t usually want to.
Maybe I’m a pervert myself? I do not know.
But so nice to be on the protection of a strong man.
To her mother-in-law, her friend came again.
Listening to the unclear voices behind the wall, Nikolai involuntarily distracted from reading the book.
I wonder what topics they find, these still not very old women.
As for his mother-in-law, he knew that she now lives alone, that she has not had a lover for a long time, although she is still a very interesting woman and may well acquire them.
Even he quite often caught himself with a seditious thought that he himself would not have refused such a seductive mistress.
After all, his mother-in-law is not just an interesting woman, but a beautiful woman.

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And as for the figure she is all right.
All top quality: – that chest, that hips, that big, gorgeous ass.
One day, early in the morning, he walked awake into the bathroom and saw her lying in the bath, barely hidden by a thin layer of soapy water.

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She reclined, holding her round knees high up.
Through a thin layer of water, he saw her hairy genital slit, and a large pink tongue protruding from the clitoris.
Shyly his member stood up, giving her a swell of arousal.
Seeing vzyvnuvshiesya member-in-law, amazed Elena Sergeevna, gasped embarrassed.
At that moment he did not understand what her exclamation meant: – embarrassment, amazement, or fright, with the startling amount of his shamelessly excited member.
Still curious about what they are talking about.
Thinking so, he got up, then going to the door, crouched beside her, and carefully put his eye to the hole left from the keyhole.
He pulled out the lock, and the hole from him, his hands, somehow do not reach to close up.
Here it is, and it was useful now.
Internally poking fun at his boyish curiosity, he watched and listened to the conversation.
No, you can imagine how far it has come! In old age.
Horror! Mother-in-law grinned.
Suppose you are not like an old woman.
Yes, and you did not lay under the old man, and under the young.
Lena, I’m not guilty.
Although, no, of course, to blame, but.
I was let down by this silly habit of sleeping without a shirt.
He entered my bedroom and saw me in all its glory when I slept.
Ah, did you sleep? – With slyness in his voice asked mother-in-law.
Lena, I really slept.
I woke up when he already inserted it.
Mother-in-law laughed.
Imagine how you fought off him.
Oh, Lena! I’m so confused that.
Allowed him to continue? Or spreading the hips, helped him, even deeper stick? Approximately, that’s how it was.
What did you have after? How many times have you finished? I had no idea that I was still capable of that.
Until Olenka returned from work, we spent all this time in bed with him.
I did not suspect such talents in myself.
I almost bit him with passion.
You see.
And you said, old.
Lena, what ended up in your bathroom? Nothing.
I probably had such huge eyes when I saw his dick, that he immediately ran away from me.
And if he, too, like my son-in-law? What would you do? How do I know.
Oh, Alka, you have no idea what I felt when I saw his magnificent tool.
Everything inside me just knocked over.
Nikolai heard the mother-in-law chuckle embarrassed.
At that moment, I involuntarily envied my daughter.
Such an interesting man! So what’s the deal? Or are you afraid that he will not have enough strength for both of you? Alla I am not afraid of this at all.
He has even enough strength for five women, not something for both of us.
His temperament is terrifying.
Every night their bed squeaks, and Nina groans so painfully that I can’t sleep.
Are you dying of envy? Of course.
Her father, alas, did not love me so passionately. Lesbian webcam licking.

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