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If they are in the hands of Black, he will take revenge on me in the most sophisticated way.
“You’re right, son,” Jim slapped him on the shoulder.
– You, as always right, the captain! You can not pull until the evening.
Why are we worth something? – he grinned, – let’s go, three hundred sharks to my liver! But Duval stopped him: “No, old man!” – He shook his head – you stay here.
And do not mind! You yourself just called me captain, – he smiled sadly, and again his face became hard.
– You stay here.
So just in case.
Stay out of the hut! He ordered, in an objectionable tone.
When Duval and his friends left, Jim looked into the hut, stood, pondering something, and resolutely moved towards the forest.
He went to the cave.
“There is a boat over there,” Pierre whispered.
Three friends were hiding in the bushes.
– How many are there? – asked Duval.
– Two.
They say that.
– Pierre was silent.
– Well.
– hurried Duval.
– Wait a minute! It’s hard to see from here, ”answered Pierre.
He knew how to read lips and now this his ability was most welcome.
– Black is now the captain.
And he brought a woman with a child to the ship.
Duval’s face turned to stone, his hand squeezed the gun.
“Are these two here alone?” – he asked.
“Yes,” the Indian nodded.
– But they are waiting for a few more people who remained on the island.
Without saying a word, Duval shot one after another at those sitting by the boat.
Now he had a ferry.
Anna was again in the same cabin where she once hid her from the pirates Serge.
Everything that happened to her on the island seemed like a wonderful dream, the only confirmation of the reality of her former happiness was Henri, whom she pressed to her chest. Free online sex simulator.

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