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Surprised, I looked into her eyes and saw the desire.
Unable to stand it, I slid my hand under her skirt, my fingers immediately stumbled upon her panties.
rather, on a wet cloth in which they turned.
She frantically removed my hand and said: “Go call him.
But remember, I will not fuck with him.
” – take it easy.
I told her.
We left the room together.
Irina went to the toilet, and I went to the kitchen where Victor was sitting.
I sat down with a cigarette and asked: “Why did you leave?” – Yes, it is somehow inconvenient to watch, my wife has left for a week already.
Thoughts and desires arise.
Yes, and you wound up, I see.
You never know enough.
– Calm down, we will finish and go home now.
So come back.
We returned three of us to the room.
Watched the movie and began to say goodbye.
I did not have time to close the door behind us, as Irina dragged me into the street, amazed, I followed her.
We ran out of the entrance, and she rushed along the path towards the subway.
The path ran through the park.
Suddenly, she abruptly turned off the track to the side, turned abruptly toward me and said: “Serie, I can no longer.

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Fuck me! And then she turned her back on me, leaned over and put her hands on the trunk of a tree.
I stretched the jeans and they fell from me down, ran her hands under her skirt trying to pull off her panties.
panties were not.
“I took them off when you went for Vitya,” she whispered.
Without hesitating a second, I entered it.
and literally a minute later, we both huddled in ecstasy.
When we finished, we stood still for some time without separating.
Irina was breathing heavily.
While watching the movie, I was very excited, and

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if the men had not smoked, they would have felt my excited smell.
I wanted sex so much that I involuntarily squeezed and unclenched my hips.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Victor sometimes glances at me, but noticing my gaze, he immediately turned his eyes to the TV screen.
When the film ended, I was so excited that if Victor had touched me.
Further, I was even afraid to think.
The situation of three years ago, still worried me a lot.
I did not understand how I then so easily fell under the other man.
And what surprised me so far was that she herself offered herself to him on the train.
Memories of sex with Volodya, suddenly became not only a catalyst for orgasm, but more and more often led to memories of Victor, my longtime boyfriend, who almost became my first man.
Coming out of the entrance and walking through the park on the way to the subway, I unexpectedly grabbed Sergei by the arm and turned off the path into the depths of the park and dragged him along behind me.
When we moved 15 meters.
I turned my back on my husband sharply, leaned over and put my hands on a tree. Free live lesbian sex.

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