Camp flog gnaw single day passes.

Camp flog gnaw single day passes.
But your ass naked! – the fat woman’s knee with a dull slap pierced Katya in the groin.
– Kate screamed.
Yes, in front of children! – knee hits in the same place.
Prostitutes !!! – The knee hits a little in front, pressing the clitoris to the bone.
Oh th.
– Katya, sobbing, twitches with every blow as if she was being shocked by a current.
But tightly clutching her hands do not give her the opportunity to somehow cover her bruised crotch.
At that time, Sveta, who had come to her senses, threw herself with fists at the offender and began to bang her on the back.
Let her go, reptile, let go, – she cried out through tears.
Galya and Simon let Katia go and she fell to the ground and curled up, clasped her hands in her groin and howling in pain.
Are you a little sops? – turned the woman who beat Katya towards Sveta.
– You seem to not learn

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anything? So now we will teach you that you will have nothing more to put on the show.
Hey what are you I do not understand? – a strange voice rang out.
Everyone turned around.
On a hillock, not far from a Muscovite, was a jeep from which five short-haired, healthy guys in beach shorts, caps and sun glasses came out.
Not guys, what for tops.
Have you seen these goons treat girls ?! – the first kid addressed to standing behind.
The boys saw everything and nodded in agreement.
– Well, fuck, finally.
So we are the same.
not that
– Mustached Simon tried to justify himself, – but the boys no longer listened to anyone.
Jumping to the three fat campers, the guys started beating them.
Beat long and hard.
First, they knocked him to the ground, then they kicked him where he would fall: on the head, on the back, on the stomach, they trampled the breasts in women.
Having a lot of fun, leaving on the ground three moaning bodies and a crying child in the car, the guys approached the girls.

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Katya was still crouching on the ground, and Light was bending over her.
Well, what, girls, where did these come from? – the first kid sat down near the girls.
from the camp.
– After what happened, Light shivered and she could not really say anything.
Yes you do not sour.
Well, got pussies.
It happens.
Let’s go have a treat.
– The guy smiled slyly, and the rest of the boys in a voice zagotat.
our things.
to the camp
– Light tried to say something, but she was shaking.
Yes, what do you drive, let’s go.
Guys take them.
– The first nodded his head toward the girls.
The guys picked them up and dragged them to the car.
Have fun, nah.
– Spat first and went to the car pulling out the keys from his pocket.
Hello, friends.
I also want to tell one story about how I sometimes amuse myself.
Immediately, I note that this story is unlikely to appeal to someone who is twisted to imagine a member of a healthy hairy man in front of his nose.
So, some time ago I gave an announcement on the Internet that I was teaching how to make blowjobs on my own body.
I wrote that I don’t really look at the floor of someone who will suck me.
I love the mole only young thin and voiced.
Now in short – who I am.
I am a healthy body, hairy, handsome, plump but resilient uncle.
Never hid his body.
Yes, and how can you hide 190 height and 110 kilograms of weight? In my youth, I did weightlifting and she made my figure.
But I got a member, so to speak, genetically.
I will describe it.
I know, I know, you like to read about other people’s pussies.
So, 17 cm long and more than 5 cm thick, the head is plump and can completely close when it lies and completely bare when standing, straight.
good such member.
He likes it very much when he is taken in his mouth, sucked, licked.
It also adores when it is thrust into the throat.
Loves to fuck.
Eggs are big, love affection and language.
Yes, I shave eggs sometimes.
To be smooth.
If you lick, pat, suck right – all this farm produces a large amount of turbid, whitish liquid with the taste of sex, a healthy man and pleasure.
If we talk about pleasure, I really respect when they lick my crotch or put my tongue in my ass.
There is something of the evil one in it.
(Virtual sex is real! Try it yourself! Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) It seems to be going, but I highly recommend trying it – ask someone to do it.
I got addicted to this wife, but it turned out that giving a lick to my ass or giving a blowjob to a stranger is even more interesting! What is your deviation? Can you tell me? And I say bluntly – my bzik to teach people to do blowjob, who have never done this.
Since girls learn this in kindergarten, who is left? Right. Camp flog gnaw single day passes.

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