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Bongacams pregnant.
He caught her hands and tied to the headboard.
Tears ran down her cheeks, she began to curse.
Then he toweled her mouth.
Under his body, she could not even move.
He raised himself a little, so as not to crush her at all.
All her efforts were aimed at getting free, but he firmly grabbed her.
Then his hands quickly unbuttoned her blouse, bra and touched her chest.
She shuddered and, as it seemed to him, relaxed a little.
He caressed her body with his lips, dropping lower and lower.
She closed her eyes, the excitement rolling on her like a wave on the beach.
She no longer tried to free herself, but there was still some internal tension in her body.
With a jerk he pulled off her panties.
Alain closed legs, that was forces.
Her resistance was of little concern to Maxim, since she was quite tightly bound and could not prevent his desire, especially since, due to some circumstances, he felt that she would not mind.
He covered her belly and hips with kisses, his hand was on her pussy and slowly caressed her.
Under his caresses, her legs began to slowly move apart, her breathing quickened, and she groaned.
He gently drove his tongue over the lips of her pussy, and she flowed like a stormy river after a rain.

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His excitement limit took over, he grabbed Alain by the hips, lifted them and entered her.
A cry of pleasure burst from both.
They made love with such passion as if they had never done it in their lives.
Having finished, Maxim flopped down next to Alena, forgetting to untie her.
Both were blacked out.
Soon Alain came to her senses and moaned softly.
Maxim, hearing this, remembered that she was tied and quickly came to the rescue.
He expected that she would give him a scandal after this violence, but he was wrong.
Instead, Alyona with passion attacked him: sitting astride, she fell to his lips.
Maxim caressed her breasts, excitement build-up again.
Her lips kissed his face, neck, chest, and his hands held his already tense trunk.
Then she wrapped her lips around him, gently sucking.
At some point, Maxim almost finished, but he restrained himself and dismissed Alain.
Then Alyona jumped on his dick and started to move, it seemed she wanted to swallow him with her pussy.
Her orgasm came instantly, accompanied by a moan coming from somewhere inside.
Alena was rushing from side to side, until pleasure didn’t sleep.
Maxim could not stop looking at such a passion.
When she gradually began to calm down, he pulled her off, put her on his knees and entered her mouth.
Her mouth just drove him to madness and after several movements from Alena, Maxim went into ecstasy.
For a while they lay and talked about something that seemed to have happened to them, and

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soon fell asleep, t.
the day had already begun, but it was not possible to sleep on that day. Bongacams pregnant.

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