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“Yeah,” she said, pretty.
– And now – a little jewelry.
Nadia put a small ring on my finger, fastened a small bracelet on each hand and put some beads around her neck.
To top it off, the girl put on her ears clips.
I felt like some kind of tree leaning on the weight of decorations.
“Now, perhaps, that’s enough,” Nadia told me.
– Well, beauty, admire! – and she led me to the mirror.
From the mirror, a girl of my age was looking at me, very pretty and very confused.
Moreover, I really liked.
this girl, and I suddenly felt the tension in my front under the skirt.
A fair blush appeared on the girl’s face in the mirror, and she lowered her eyes in embarrassment.
I involuntarily retreated from the mirror and looked at Nadia in alarm.
– What, Lucy, did you like being a girl? – She smiled when he saw my embarrassment.
– I really understand

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Especially since you are a real beauty with me, so if I were you, I would wear this clothes all the time – it suits you much more.
And now let’s go to the courtyard! She unceremoniously grabbed me by the arm and dragged me along.
I tapped heels, only barely had time to step foot, which shackled a thin nylon.
The skirt swayed in the wind, stroking my unusually bare legs, and white knee-high socks were very tight on the legs.
A white blouse gently caressed my body, and the bra no longer interfered with my breathing.
I rocked on my heels, trying to keep up with Nadia.
– Stop, – I asked.
– Slow down, I’m afraid to fall.
– Girls are not afraid to fall, even if they go in very high heels.
You have a very average heel, usually I wear higher.

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So do not complain, Lucy, and get used to your new clothes.
Let’s start our lesson.
Walk along the path back and forth, while not particularly hurry.
Try to keep your back straight, do not slouch, while holding your ass back and slightly sway it to the beat of your movements — the boys like it very much! ”“ I don’t need to like the boys, ”I blushed again.
– Who knows, maybe you will soon wish to meet someone from the village by yourself, – Nadya smiled.
“But first you will have to work your manners to perfection.”
And after that, with your appearance, you can fully enjoy the success of the local gentlemen.
Such a young lady will have to taste, – and Nadia suddenly grabbed my skirt and pulled her up.
– Ay! – somehow I squealed completely at the girlish side, jumped on my heels and began to pull the skirt down with both hands, trying to hide behind.
“Our boys love these games,” the girl smiled again.
– So be careful.
They can do something else, for example, grab you from behind, or grab a gum of a bra.
I gently straightened the skirt, and pulled up knee-length knee-highs.
When I straightened, Nadia suddenly threw her arm forward and firmly took me between my legs.
I just gasped and leaned against her.
Nadia squeezed my cock hard, which stood and easily groped through the skirt and pantyhose.
– What is your strong pipiska.
I knew you liked being a girl, ”Nadya laughed.
– By the way, do you know that girls go to the toilet always sitting, lifting up her skirt? So watch out for yourself now.
And cover your pussy better, otherwise there may be different hunters to touch it.
– she let me go.
By evening, I already walked on heels easily, and for me it was not difficult to walk around the garden, wagging my ass with my elantum, as Nadia had taught.
I learned to bend, so that the skirt did not bully and the panties were not visible, I learned to gently and imperceptibly tighten the slipping tights and knee-highs.
Also, for quite a long time I learned to sit correctly, straightening my skirt, cross my legs and do many other things that girls cannot do without.
Nadya entrusted me with many household chores — cooking and cleaning.
I found that wearing women’s clothes had a very strange effect on me – I became completely different, very calm and assiduous. Bongacams obs.

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