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According to the approved list and with the approved plot.
Well, again voted for.
I propose, Koba says, for Comrade Voroshilov, this is the plot: “The People’s Commissar Voroshilov checks the thickness of the stallions in the Armed Forces entrusted to him.”
Voroshilov, listen, offended by something, began to argue that he, they say, this story does not fit – but you know Kobu? He only flashed his eyes and asked: what are you, Clim, are you going against the party line? Put to the vote – all for, Voroshilov abstained.
Then the leader for Molotov presented the story – I would never have heard it, listened, “Comrade Molotov explains to the women workers of the Krasnaya Zarya factory the resolution of the Central Committee on the inadmissibility of flatulence during political exercises.”
All again for, Molotov – abstained.
And Koba walked around the office and said: I suggest that you start a monumental painting with Commissar Beria.
Why from me? – I say.
And Comrade Stalin joked: suddenly, he says, you will die soon – how then can you bring your luminous image to the descendants? And what is the plot? – I ask.
– What do you think, what? – suddenly asked Merkulov legendary Commissar.
Merkulov only shrugged.
Beria sighed, shook his head and continued: – “Academician Lepeshinskaya convicts Commissar L.
Beria is not mastering the basics of cunniling. ”
I, listen, and did not know about any such cunniling – I think this is something from biology, Michurin’s experiments, some.
Took, you know, yes, and voted with everyone for.
Well, he came to the office, asked someone to listen, – well, I got a cold on the back.
This is what, I think, with this old fool I will have n.
suck? And so I was put in such a form for posterity? Say, well, sorry, eh? Kobe began to call: so and so, Comrade Stalin, a misunderstanding happened, because of personal modesty I can not perpetuate myself.

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Koba doesn’t want to hear anything – don’t argue with the party line.
And then to say, because he himself voted, and now I refuse – stupid, listen.
Well, a personal convoy comes to me with the instruction to proceed to field sketches.
Fuck you do – go.
I say – let’s wrap up to Nalbandian on the way, let him draw, I do not recognize other portrait painters.
Kobe called, agreed – he does not mind.
They took Nalbandian – Merkulov, what a strange person he is, huh? – familiarized him on receipt with a secret resolution of the Politburo, and so – no, I did not believe everything.
Before Lepeshinskaya, everyone was going with a gaping mouth and bulging eyes, yes, I thought he was being played out.
We enter, Lepeshinskaya already negligee, covered with

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a veil, well, Nalbandyan set the easel.
I ask: Comrade Lepeshinskaya, do you understand that the plot implies the separate location of me and you? And Lepeshinskaya, a bitch, for nothing, he rubbed his glasses on Lysenko himself and immediately snapped up: that’s clear, Comrade Beria, that you really didn’t master the basics of cunniling, because with him the separate location is completely excluded, I say, I am convinced once again in the ingenious vision of the leader comrade Stalin, that he so wisely chose a theme for a pictorial masterpiece! Yes, Merkulov, did not pass the number – I had to, listen, get up on all fours and yes.
do you know what sensations? Do you want to tell? Merkulov again vaguely moved his hands.
Beria smacked his lips, his face became a dreamy expression, and he plunged into sweet memories.
– I did not think at all, listen.
My tongue melted away in bliss.
Comrade Lepeshinsky’s gray, hard hair pleasantly pricked my gums.
Her hoarse moans with a sweet wave hit me right in the brain.
“Here it is, happiness, which the righteous in heaven enjoy,” I thought, almost losing consciousness from total ecstasy.
Lavrenty Pavlovich stopped, smacked his lips again, sighed again, and lit a cigarette, began to talk further.
– Yes, Merkulov, who has experienced it – the most blissful of mortals.
One thing, you know, I didn’t like it – this grymza’s teaching staff couldn’t give up their habits, listen, well, absolutely non-sensitive woman.
She would have something affectionate to say, but she is all on the plot: how you hold your tongue, Comrade Commissar Beria, deeper, deeper.
in general, everyone is dissatisfied with something, yes.
I’m already here the Chinese communists, I asked, they translated one book, gave it – “Tao of Love” – ??well, listen, I do everything according to the textbook – and still you will not please her.
And also, listen to what is bad, – Nalbandian could not stand it, – Armenians, are they, all that so nervous, how do you think? – he needs to draw, and he will take it to the floor. Bangla online sex chat.

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