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the lips.
The girl began to masturbate him, and then took him in her mouth, and he burst out with a stream of hot sperm in her mouth and then on her face.
The girl swallowed cum and licked her lips.
Dima lay down next to him and handed her a napkin from the bedside table.
She dried off, threw away the napkin and hugged Dima.
– Has orgasm? – asked Dima.
– You’re a miracle.
The girl said gently.
– And I’m a real slut.
At the sight of a member lost her mind.
– You’re not a slut, but suck fine.
“I don’t even know if it’s a compliment.”
Moreover, I did it for the first time! – Right? – smiled Dima.
– You now have me agree! – threatened him Ira.
Dima smiled and kissed the girl.
My wife and I have been married for 12 years.
When she married me, I was still chaste, but I myself also did not have much experience.
So the joys of sex, we comprehended together.
Long diluted her on blowjob, anal sex.
Sveta for a long time did not let me to her ass.
But once she gave up and now she herself sends my dick in her ass and gets great pleasure.
And how she loves when I make her a kuni.

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One day I decided to amuse her and bought a vibrator.
Light came home from work tired.
I showed her the purchase, and she twisted her finger at her temple.
And I began to wait for the evening.
When we went to bed, we started kissing.
I kissed her lips, ear, neck.
Then I went down to her breasts of the fourth size. I enjoyed them for a long time.
Sveta had already decided sweetly and was pushing me lower by the shoulders.
I got to her pussy and began to lick millimeter by millimeter.
I kissed her clit, sponge, soft hole.
Sveta wriggled moaning and pressing me.
I got a vibrator and put it in her pischiku without leaving her clitoris without attention.
Sveta finished violently, so I thought she would turn my head in gusts.
It flowed like no flow ever.
Then she pulled me to her, and told me to fuck her.
I quickly discharged from overexcitement and we fell asleep.
In the morning she told me how good she was yesterday and that it is imperative to repeat it in the evening.
We often took a vibrator and indulged in it when I made kuni, entered the ass, and Sveta introduced him into the pussy and I felt him shaking from her there.
But one day, Sveta Tyla wants to play 69.
I caress her pussy, she is my dick, eggs and ass.
Then the finger began to linger more and more often on the anus.
Sveta smeared her finger with a cream and did not lift her finger anymore.
Then she started putting him in my ass and moving him there.
I finished right away, so much so that sparks fell from my eyes.
I filled her entire breasts with sperm, and Sveta lay smiling and rubbing her on her.
We just rested and Light bent over my dick and took him in the mouth to which he immediately responded. Anal couple cam.

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