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She breathed like a locomotive, her face burned with shame, and her hands holding the bags shook.
Yes, she did not experience such shame in her entire life! Her legs carried her along the sidewalk away from the ill-fated store, on the floor of which her artificial lover remained lying on the floor.
Suddenly, glancing at the roadway, she saw a large white car slowly moving.
Lexus! That one! She was again in a panic, but she could no longer run.
legs are tired and did not obey.
And Lexus, driving a little ahead, stopped.
His door opened, and a man already familiar to her confidently walked toward her, holding a newspaper roll in his hand.
Tatyana Viktorovna froze in fear on the spot.
And the approached uncle handed her a spindle-shaped object wrapped in a newspaper, and said with a pleasant baritone.
– “This thing is probably not cheap, and you, as I can see, are not like a millionaire!

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Take it!” Tatyana Viktorovna shook her head negatively, but the uncle, not paying attention to it, put the bundle in her bag, turned around, and went to the car.
Looking at his receding wide back, for a moment she imagined how this man, under the wild laughter of the crowd, picked up “realism” and left the store with him.
In courage he can not refuse! She herself certainly would not touch such a toy in front of a soulless crowd! In the meantime, the man reached the car, and was about to sit in it, but glancing at Tatyana Viktorovna standing like a statue, he carefully asked.
– “Woman, are you all right? Maybe I can help with something?” Bus! She completely forgot about the bus! Ten minutes left before his departure, and she ran away from the bus station in a completely unknown direction!

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Like a sportsman – a sprinter, she rushed to the “Lexus”, and, running up to the man, she almost screamed.
“I beg you, take me to the bus station! I will have a bus now!” Uncle quickly opened the passenger door in front of her, and he took the driver’s seat.
Tatyana Viktorovna squeezed into a comfortable leather chair – the car rapidly picked up speed, but, surprisingly, she did not hear the engine noise.
Only from invisible speakers energetic electronic music quietly flowed.
The man was silent, as a conscientious taxi driver, not accustomed to maintain conversations with passengers, which made Tatiana Viktorovna uncomfortable, and she politely asked.
– “And what is this music so interesting you play?” “The psychedelic trance,” the driver explained, “is not typical of my age music, but, nevertheless, very interesting, and, by the way, takes its roots in the meditative practices of ancient India.”
They both were silent for the rest of the way.

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