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He lay relaxed, resting after yesterday’s exploits.
I decided to give her a surprise and quietly began to suck him to wake her in such a pleasant way.
She woke up and smiled, looking at my efforts.
After some time, Diana entered the room and joined us.
While I was sucking Angelica, she put her little sausage in my butt and fucked me in full.
After that, we showered in the shower, where I again put my stretched ass, this time Angelica.
Quickly after blowing off steam, she finished in my mouth.
After that we, satisfied, each left for their work.
Here is a story.
Write me your wishes, suggestions and whatever you want to tell me, I will answer everyone.
You are in the middle of a small room in a bright light.
You are standing, putting the leg aside, putting your feet slightly inward and rounding the thigh.
On you one of the most fucking dresses – transparent high-heeled shoes and a high platform.
black fishnet stockings with garter at the waist.
Black strings glitter on top, attracting a 14-centimeter member to the body.
You are wearing a black lace bra with elastic but elastic inserts that lift your breasts to the 2nd size.
The hair is gorgeous, fluffy, scorching black, just a little lower than the shoulders, curled at the sides.
You have a gorgeous bright make-up, thick shadows, long black false eyelashes, glittering, naturally plump sponges, thickly painted with bright pink lipstick.
Opposite you in a red leather chair sits a big adult man.
He looks 35-38 years old, tall, about 190 centimeters tall.
Sharp and slightly frightening facial features, short-haired, hairy and coarse hands.
He eagerly devours your whole eyes.
You are very worried.
The excitement legs tremble and weaken slightly, although you can walk in high heels.

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You have been changing clothes for a very long time and you wear such shoes.
Although no one has ever seen you like this before.
So this guy told you to get up and of course you obeyed.
You are now completely in his power.
You are a little afraid of him, although you have agreed to meet by mutual agreement.
And you crave it all more than he does.
As they say – the bitch does not want, the dog does not jump.
You are scared, but your whole body, which you have carefully prepared for this man, turns you on more than your fear stops you.
All your smooth silky body, on which there is not a single hair, it seems not to be yours, nevertheless it turns you on all stronger.
And this is underwear.
God, this lingerie is driving you crazy! How nicely it wraps around your body and emphasizes your seductive, naturally rounded forms.
You periodically gaze into a huge side mirror and see a juicy slut there.
Such a fucking dream fucking planted on a member of every man.
And girls dream to caress your body with their hands and tongues.
– You are gorgeous.
Said the man in a low voice.
– Do you like your reflection? “Yes,” he said with a smirk, looking at you there.
You felt like he spat for you exactly on the hole and you squeezed the hole from surprise and fear.
“Relax, sweetheart,” he says, “relax, you’ll be madly in love.”
He spits you back there and lets you suck your fingers.
You work with your mouth and passionately.
And here he touches the finger of your hole! Good lord A man touches your hole and now he will enter you! You were all tense, but immediately felt a strong slap on the pope and harsh words were heard: “Relax, I said! Only you relaxed the little ring of the anus, as he abruptly entered you!” DAAAAH !! He entered into you with his finger, but this is such a giant sharply flared fire of sensations! Boogie.
You immediately moaned.
Your dick has become just steel.
Without losing time, he smeared you with gel, without taking out his finger, and began to introduce a second one.
Oh my God! How nicely your ass stretches.
Even a little pain.
And this is after you have developed yourself in general.
You feel his two fingers in yourself.
Booty pulses madly.
It is very hot and tight.
You feel like he does not

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just fuck you with his fingers, but really stretches your hole! He spreads his fingers to your sides.
It hooks your wide ring of the anus inside with your finger and stretches it to the sides !!! Good God, what a skillful partner he is! Your hole obeys him completely and stretches. Watch sex tape 2014 online.

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