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So, dear, – I said, stroking her round ass, – I want to teach you a little behavior lesson.
Try to remember him well so that I do not

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have to repeat it in the future.
You will stop making trouble.
You will no longer raise your voice to anyone.
You no longer touch your daughter with your finger.
And every word was accompanied by a blow whip on the ass.
Twenty times I repeated these words, mercilessly vyporsy Alexander.
Her ass by the end of the execution burned with fire.
True, I tried not to damage the skin.
The scars on her ass were useless.
Then I turned the face of a woman filled with tears to me: Did you remember the lesson? Alexandra Pavlovna nodded.
Well remembered? She nodded heavily.
Excellent! Having laid Alexandra on the floor, I took off my robe, remaining naked, and took a strapon.
He was double: the front part was long and protruded forward, and the back part, which I inserted into my pussy.
Eyes vikinoy mother filled with horror.
She began to crawl away, mumbling something and shaking her head.
Does not want, they say.
It is time for her to learn that from now on her opinion does not matter.

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Leaning over her, I squeezed her face: Shurochka! You will do everything I say! Do you understand? It seems that she realized that she was in my power and something was nagging.
Let’s see how you figured out.
– I undid the lock and took out the gag.
– Suck! And Alexandra Pavlovna began to suck and lick a dick, albeit an artificial one.
Poorly! – I grabbed her hair and began to stick her on the phallus, really fucking her in her mouth, at the same time fucking myself.
The situation really turned me on, and I quickly finished.
But what impressed me most was that she had finished Alexander! She got an orgasm from this situation! I raised her face, smeared with spreading mascara.
Shurachka blushed very much and looked away.
I realized that from now on I can do anything with her, from now on she is my submissive slave.
Unbuttoning the handcuffs, I took all the clothes off Shurachka, leaving only stockings and a belt on her.
There could be no talk of any kind of opposition.
Alexandra only dutifully carried out my abrupt orders.
Pulling out the chain clips from the pocket of my dressing gown, I pinned them on the nipples of the woman, Shurochka grimaced in pain, but did not dare to object.
Putting her cancer, I entered her pussy with one blow and began to fuck her.
At first she moaned, but then she began to moan with pleasure.
And very quickly both of us, almost at the same time, finished.
Shurachka turned herself and licked the strap-on from her discharge, devotedly looking at me from the bottom up.
Well done! – I stroked her head.
At this time, heard the steps.
Damn, I forgot to close the door to the basement! Uzb sex online.

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