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Kimberly’s voice was ominous.
“The gas tank cover mysteriously disappeared, and the engine jammed from sand that somehow got into gasoline.
When I was able to call a taxi, it was too late for the Board. ”
An innocent look appeared on Lucille’s face.
“Well I do not know.
I don’t understand anything about cars and their engines, but you should have planned your time better.
“You don’t know anything about engines?” Kimberly almost screamed.
“We were together in college driving courses.
You had the maximum score! ”Lucille stretched out in a chair, clearly frustrated by Kimberley’s hostility.
“I don’t understand what you want to prove, but I know one thing – I got this position due to my own efforts.” She leaned back into the chair, returning confidence to her smile.
“And if you want to ever move a little more along the corporate ladder, you must learn to show a little more respect for those who are taller than you.
“Lucille’s gaze resembled that of a predator considering his future prey.
“Perhaps you should study corporate ethics better.

Feud with me, believe me, is not a good start for your career. ”
Kimberly laughed.
“Sure, Luce.
Did you want something from me? “Lucille almost forgot.
She took the envelope and handed it to Kimberly.
“Take it and immediately take Diana to the accounting office.” The expression of impenetrable complacency again appeared on Lucille’s face.

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“Of course, Luce.
“Kimberly took the envelope.
“Enjoy it while you can.”
Lucille flinched: “What is this, you mean?” “Oh, I’m sure you heard that Steve is out of financial

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care this month,” Kimberly took the bull by the horns.
“Of course, I know,” in fact, Lucille heard about it for the first time.
“But isn’t that the position of a manager?” Kimberley nodded affirmatively, considering the tiny office of Lucille.
“And in his office there is a window.”
Kimberly smiled.
“Overlooking the park”.
Lucille’s eyes narrowed threateningly.
“And what makes you think that you have any chances?” Kimberly frowned, gathering her thoughts.
“First, for the applicant I have very good baggage.
Secondly, Dan conducts the interview in person. ”
Kimberly straightened her shoulders, sticking out her bust.
“You know, he is not indifferent to a good neckline.”
Lucille frowned, and her face went pale.
“I think you need something more than C size boobs to get him to give you this position.”
“S is in the past.
Consider that this is a resolved question. ”
Lucille leaned forward, staring suspiciously at Kimberly.
“Do you go under the knife to the bruise?” The blonde smiled shyly, “A small election event as part of office politics.”
“Yah?” Lucille sat on pins and needles.
“And how can you afford plastic surgery with your begging salary?” Kimberly’s face bowed to Lucille’s ear, her voice dropping to a whisper.
“Do you know Michelle from the personnel department?” Lucille smelled real gossip and rushed to meet the shark rushing to the smell of blood.
Everyone knew Michelle.
It was a tall goddess with deadly heels, whose gaze guaranteed to enslave any man.
The only reason she did not become a supermodel was the fact that her massive breasts and juicy forms did not fit into the anorexic standards of the modeling business. Tetonas en cam amateur1 sexpretty com.

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