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I stroke your wet back.
one palm keeps kneading the ass.
and the fingers of the other get to the mink of the anus.
and enter into it.
you flinch.
look into my eyes.
and go down.
deeply deeply Feel how your lips are pressed into my pubis.
into the scrotum.
as if you want to plant everything on me.
and you start moving faster.
catching your pace
pushing you.
you rest your palms on the shelf behind my shoulders, so that your breasts are pressed against my faceAaaa.
how it turns me on.
Your body, these sweet buns in my palms.
I push them up, so that the sponges stick around almost the head, but no, it is caressing your little girl’s ring.
and pull down, filling you with myself, clinging to your desired girl from the inside.
And, sitting down, you still sway back and forth, as if embracing him inside yourself, he rests against the walls and with an effort goes along them.
I feel your thighs trembling, in wanting to squeeze it harder. You scream.
get crazy.
I kiss you on the neck, on the breasts.
everywhere I reach.
dick trembles inside you.
fills you all
it probably hurts you now, it’s like a stone and your girl is crammed with it all the way up to the uterus, but you continue to fall on it again and again. The bath seems cold compared to the heat of your pussy, your body from the inside and the fire that is brighter in me, like a breaking dawn.
I hollow you frantically, throwing up your hips to meet you, sit down.
so here so here so.
Your screams, already incoherent, like flames.
I pull you to me.
sharp short movements, fast ,.
like a machine-gun burst, thrusting dick into you.

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“Everything, everything, everything.
“Whisper in my ear.
You are trembling.
barely breathable.
in my hands.

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kiss you.
I adore you like that.
completely satisfiedI am taking you off the fucking not about to fall off.
carefully seated on the bottom shelf.
warm water ladle.
I water your body.
need to take a washcloth.
but I like to feel your skin under your palm. You cover your eyes with your hands.
to calm down.
the waves of water glide over your skin, bubbling over tiny streams on the thighs, merging along the girl I was exhausted. You look me in the eyes.
really? In your view.
and embarrassment? Where is it from? And this is not the end
– Let go.
– Come on.
let be.
– Mmmmm
– Mmmmm
– Well, everything, everything, everything.
– Yyy.
– So go.
My name is Larisa, I live in a larger city with my mother and daughter in a three-room apartment.
I divorced my husband a couple of years ago and now I have to solve all the problems myself.
I am a Balsakov lady, slender and rather high 176cm attractive brown-haired.
Men and stick to me trying to tighten in bed.
But I didn’t pay attention to them.
I had a husband from the beginning to whom I was faithful, and then there were a couple of old friends with whom I met before marriage.
It was in 2002, spring birds are singing in the courtyard, everything comes to life and the people begin to put their houses in order.
I also decided to restore order at home, t.
I’m tired of all the shortcomings left by her husband.
Calling a couple of firms and hearing terminology that I did not know, although I graduated from the institute and worked as an accountant in one of the major markets in Kharkov, I decided to ask for help from my old friend who was involved in construction.
Valery understood my request with understanding, explained what was what and advised me in a language I understood.
He agreed to lead and monitor the progress of the repair himself.
Having decided to make it easier for him, I decided to start with the door in the kitchen, took measurements and ordered doors at one of the firms not far from work.
On that day, when the doors are ready, we met with him in the morning.
Having handed Valera money, an order for the doors and the keys to the apartment, I went to work, and he went to receive the order and put the doors with his partners. Sexy webcam of young girls.

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