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No, let the boss himself gets what he needs, after all, is he a man or not a man? And I turned around.
I wish I had gotten this damned volume.
And in general, I was greatly mistaken in trying to get it.
I absolutely did not take into account the fact that my short skirt can move up my smooth thighs so much.
And as a result, the boss had a few minutes to freely admire my pussy, as shown on the display case.
It’s good that recently I went to a session of laser hair removal, otherwise I would completely disgrace myself.
But the boss is what! No, in order to indicate to the poor girl her mistake, so after all he not only watched me all this time, but also came closer, and now his nose almost rested against my intimate place! I did not expect from such a respectable little man! But more – more! As soon as I got down with socks and tried to pull up the skirt (and I must say that I was not at the front in the best possible way – my intimate hairstyle was also on display), the boss suddenly grabbed my buttocks and leaned on my crotch.
I froze like a fool – standing on a chair with a raised skirt and the head of a little man between her legs.
Well, what would you do in this situation? Do not call for help, in fact.
Get me in this form, do I need it? In general, I had to give in to the onslaught and spread my knees a little.
The boss immediately got the tongue to my pussy, not forgetting, however, to stroke my ass.
Thank God, it did not last long.
Neither me on the half-bent nor the boss, who was trying to fuck my pussy with my tongue, was certainly not comfortable. Sex and the city 2 online free.

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